Donald Reche Caldwell: Former NFL Star Killed in Florida at age 41

Ex-National Football League player Donald Reche Caldwell was shot dead recently in his hometown Tampa in Florida. Sadly, the player was shot and killed at the time when he was getting ready for a concert. Reche’s mother confirmed the news.

Caldwell’s mother was informed by the police that his son was shot dead by the attacker who jumped out of bushes for a robbery attempt.

Donald Reche, Caldwell’s mother, expressed her grief.

Caldwell’s mom Deborah told the Tamba Bay Times, “He was set up. I’m going to tail it right to the end. … Do you get executed right here in your old neighborhood? You said something here, and you all just removed it from us?”

Tampa police, who investigated and responded to the call of the shooting, told about the sad incident, that it doesn’t appear to be a random act.

Caldwell was taken to the hospital but declared dead.

Tampa police arrived at the shooting scene and found the player shot. The Florida player had a gunshot wound, and he was found in a yard of a home.

Fire rescue crew took Donald Reche Caldwell to the hospital in the hope that the player might survive, but he was declared dead in the hospital.

Caldwell was 41 when he was shot dead. He started his career with his selection by the San Diego chargers in the second round of 2002 National Football League Draft.

In four seasons, he played almost a total of 47 games. After that, the player moved to the New England Patriots, where he played for nearly one year.

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He then got featured in Washington Redskins and St. Louis Rams. He had a remarkable professional journey as he appeared in a total of 71 games. He also made 152 receptions for 1,851 yards and eleven touchdowns.

It’s unfortunate that such attempts of robbery, murder, shooting, etc. are taking the lives of such talented souls.

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