‘Don’t Listen’ Ending Explained: All About Netflix’s Witchcraft Movie

Netflix is increasing its content in the horror style with ‘Don’t Listen’ (whose original title is ‘Voces.’) Initially, it might also seem as even though the basic premise is nothing too unique. After all, the plot follows a household that moves into a new residence only to discover that the son can hear strange voices. However, it is the effective performances by Rodolfo Sancho, Ana Fernández, Ramón Barea, Belén Fabra, and Lucas Blas that in reality keep you hooked. So, if you desire to learn extra about the ending, then we have got your back.


Don’t Listen Plot Synopsis

Daniel makes a residing by renovating and promoting properties. As such, he moves in with his wife, Sara, and his son, Eric, into a large house. When Eric tells them that he can hear voices, they call a therapist who states that it may want to just be his overactive creativeness since he has had to go around a bit recently.

However, one night, unusual incidents happen, and Eric ends up drowning in the pool. The parents are heartbroken, and Sara decides to go away the house for a bit to get some space. Before Sara leaves, she and Daniel have a small argument.

Later, Daniel sends her a voice to observe apologizing for his behavior. But Sara states that his message was no longer too clear. So, Daniel replays the recording and hears Eric asking for his help. Shocked, the father goes to see a paranormal expert at an e-book signing. Germán deals with digital voice phenomena, and Daniel recruits his help to locate out more about what occurred to Eric. Ruth, Germán’s daughter, also comes with him, and the three commence their investigation.


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Don’t Listen Ending

Eric’s red ball rolls into the storage while Daniel is searching for lighter fluid. The witch is also there, and she takes the shape of the deceased wife (Sara) and son (Eric) and implores Daniel no longer to let Germán burn her corpse. Back in the dungeon, Ruth comes and stabs the paranormal expert. Her eyes are bloodshot, which means that she is possessed. Juxtaposed with this is the scene the place Daniel, who is also possessed, pours lighter fluid all over himself and is geared up to burn himself at any moment.

Luckily, Germán can overpower his daughter and lights the witch’s corpse on fire, saving both Ruth and Daniel. Ruth bandages her father’s wounds and asks if the witch has been eliminated. While Germán desires that is the case, he also states that he does now not want to stick around to find out. Furthermore, he states that he had usually wanted to be aware of what evil caused Ruth’s mom to kill herself but has in no way been able to discover the answer.

Germán seeks solace in the fact that if there are malevolent spirits, then there have to be good ones as well. Daniel goes to Eric’s room, the place he observes the drawings on the walls. Each paper reveals how a character in the vicinity had died. This is when he finds out that he is accountable for his son’s death. He had been possessed that night and drowned Eric. Unable to cope with this information, he goes out to the pool and shoots himself.

Don’t Listen
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Has The Witch Been Eradicated?

No, in our opinion, the witch and her evil clout have no longer disappeared from the mansion. It is more than in all likelihood that when Germán lights the corpse on fire, she temporarily offers up control of each Daniel and Ruth to make them feel as although the expert is successful. However, with the activities that follow, it becomes clear that she has a few hints up her sleeve. In fact, possessing the two almost essentially serves as a distraction for us, the viewers.

Her actual format starts unfolding properly when Daniel enters Eric’s room and sees the drawings. But before that happens, the target market actually breathes a sigh of relief, believing that the trio has been capable to at least protect themselves if no longer destroy the witch. It is solely once we experience at ease that the truth is disclosed.

When it comes to the witch, one of the most apparent clues about her presence is the fly and its buzzing.

In almost all the activities she partakes in, be it killing the therapist or possessing the protagonist to drown his own son, we see the fly enter their ears. It is additionally audible when Daniel goes through the drawings in his son’s room, implying that the witch is around. (There’s additionally the fact that when Eric was once around, he drew only two photographs of the many that the father later finds). She is the literal and metaphorical fly on the wall who knows a lot about every person and manipulates things accordingly.

At one factor in the movie, Germán states that she wants them off the property. Keeping this in mind, we suppose that the witch gets what she desired all along. The paranormal expert and his daughter won’t be sticking around, and Daniel has killed himself of his personal accord. Therefore, she can continue to dwell in the “House of Voices,” which is what the neighbors have always known as it.

Don’t Listen
Image: Netflix

Is Don’t Listen Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Don’t Listen’ is not primarily based on a true story. In fact, the plot is very reminiscent of the pretty common storyline in which a household moves into a new residence and starts witnessing atypical occurrences, much like ‘The Shining’ or ‘The Amityville Horror.’ The protagonist, Daniel, makes a residing by surely flipping properties. His wife, Sara, and his son, Eric, move in with him to a new house. Soon, Eric claims that he can hear voices.

The mother and father are worried and name a psychologist. After a brief dialog with him, she determines that Eric’s imagination is overactive due to the relocation. One night, however, even Daniel notices that shady incidents are taking location in the house. Eventually, they find Eric, lifeless in the pool. Stricken with grief, Sara decides to go away for some time. Although she asks Daniel to come with her, he has to stay again and finish fixing the house.
After all, they’ve sunk all their financial savings into it as well. Before she leaves, they have a tiff, and he sends her a voice note apologizing later. But she factors out that the message is not too clear. So he performs it back and hears Eric calling to him for assist at the end. The desperate father then strategies the paranormal expert, Germán, to find out greater about what happened to Eric. The two men, alongside Germán’s daughter Ruth, launch an investigation.
This is when they realize that there is, indeed, a malevolent spirit on the property, and they strive to eradicate her presence. The one real annal from records that the narrative does make use of to further the story is the witch trials in medieval Spain. While Salem may also be the one place that is most related to the practice, the reality used to be that matters had been much worse underneath the Spanish Inquisition. It all goes back to the seventeenth century when the Catholic Church wanted to standardize religion.

As we all know, the witch trials had very little to do with witchcraft and a lot greater to do with religious persecution. Many had been deemed heretic for simply rejecting the church’s educating or abiding by their very own beliefs. As an example, reports estimate that between 1609 and 1614, nearly 7000 people had been accused of witchcraft in the Basque trials!

It is imperative to hold this in mind seeing that the witch in question used to be also subjected to inhumane torture earlier than her death. The only distinction is that the plot of the film establishes that she virtually was evil even earlier than she died. So while she did now not deserve to die the horrible death she did, she was once also one of the few humans who somewhat healthy the definition of a “heretic” in a twisted manner.

‘Don’t Listen’ is currently streaming on Netflix with a rating of 6.2/10 on IMDb and 75% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is a part of Netflix’s new horror movies, and it’s a perfect weekend horror movie.

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