Don’t Worry Darling shoot halted because of COVID positive case on the set 

Olivia Wilde’s new film Don’t Worry Darling experiences a halt in filming after a production member tested positive for COVID-19. The production released the information after routine testing for the production and cast members. Although they haven’t revealed who it was, the sources confirmed that it is not any one of the primary cast. Fans are disappointed because of the interruption in filming; however, the good news is that no one else tested positive for the virus.


Florence Pugh and Harry Styles (Source: EW)

How long until the shoot resumes for the Don’t Worry Darling cast?

Speculations are that the halt will last for around 14 days, a standard protocol for quarantine. Then, depending on the conditions and the number of positive cases (hopefully none), the production may resume. Not while ago, the shooting started with 1-D star Harry Styles, the Little Women star Florence PughStar Trek hunk Chris Pine and the director herself in a minor role on screen. Shia LaBeouf was the first choice for the role, but he couldn’t make it for the position because of his scheduling issues. 


Harry Styles (Source: US Weekly)

Storyline of Don’t Worry Darling

Not much has been revealed regarding the plot though it is sure that the film stars in the 1950s. The storyline revolves around a remote, utopian community in the desert of California. The primary focus of the movie is a mournful housewife who discovers an astounding secret about her life.

Hot in the business!

The bidding war for the movie “Don’t Worry Darling” was a fire-pit as Wilde’s directorial debut “Booksmart” was highly critically acclaimed. Finally, New Line Cinemas bagged the film, and after such efforts, no doubt it is considered the highest priority. Wilde, Silberman will be the producers besides Roy Lee and Miri Yoon of Vertigo Entertainment while, Catherine Hardwicke, Shane and Carey Van Dyke are the executive producers of the project. 

Who plays who?

Florence Pugh is going to play the downhearted wife while Styles is the husband. Pine will be playing a boss-man who is respected by all the staff members at a mysterious workplace. All the lads work outside the city. Dakota Johnson plays the neighbor of Pugh, who shows strange and paranoid behavior.

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Other such halts?

It is not the first case where production has shut down due to COVID-19. The legend Tom Hanks also tested positive a few days ago just before the start of the Baz Luhrmann– directed Elvis Presley movie. Our favorite vampire, Robert Pattinson, also tested positive during the shoot of Matt Reeves’ “The Batman.”