Dr. Stone Chapter 162: Scientific Battle is On!

Dr. Stone Chapter 162 is just around the corner. The previous chapter was full of heart-stopping events and fans are very excited to see what the next chapter unfolds. Here’s everything you need to know about the anime’s next chapter.

Dr. Stone Chapter 162
Source: Viz Media

Dr. Stone Chapter 162: Release date

The manga was on break from the last chapter due to the Olympics related event in Japan. As everything is back to normal now, the anime is back on schedule. The manga’s next chapter is all set to land on Sunday, August 23, 2020.

Weekly Shonen Jump magazine publishes all the manga’s new episodes. So you can grad the upcoming chapter in the magazine’s next issue. You can also read the manga online. Manga Plus airs the manga exclusively on its website and mobile app. Also, it is available on VIZ Media.

Dr. Stone Chapter 162
Source: Viz Media

So, what will happen now?

Before you jump in, beware, you might come across Dr. Stone Chapter 162 Spoilers Ahead!

In the last chapter, we witnessed Chrome’s leadership. Senku got shot and now all his hopes are on Chrome. Chrome starts making a new map and figures a way out of this mess. Also, Tsukasa is affirmative that they will reach the destination after a fortnight. Additionally, Ryusui tells all the members that Dr. Xeno told him he won.

Senku is still hurt and is healing. He orders that they must send Medusa to Dr. Xeno as soon as possible. Dr. Xeno’s curiosity is at an all-time high after the new weapon. Also, the weapon can never harm Senku.

Dr. Stone Chapter 162
Source: Viz Media

Gen des some research and confirms the weapon. On the other hand, Xeno thinks all is Senku’s bluff. Gen eventually finds out that Senku is still alive.

In conclusion, the opponents are all set for a scientific battle. New leader Chrome is a hard worker and intelligent. But, he is no match to Senku when it comes to math. Will Chrome be able to lead properly? Will he prove himself worthy of leadership?

Stay tuned and keep reading for the latest updates!








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