Dr. Stone Chapter 176: What Is Senku’s Next Move?

Dr. Stone is a serialized manga and anime series created by  Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi.  The manga surfaced on March 6, 2017. And, has published a total of 175 brilliant chapters till now. The Anime covers genres like adventure, post-apocalyptic, and science fiction. It is one of the most popular and anticipated series in its respective genre.

The unpredictable plot twists and turns continue with the world-building element growing further with each episode. The current chapters are making sure to give us some unforgettable scenes. On a whole, the franchise is getting assistance from throughout the globe. Numerous theories are surfacing the web. The stakes are getting higher as the story gets even more detailed.

With the end of Chapter 175, all eyes are now set upon the next chapter. So without wasting any more time, let’s talk about the release date of Chapter 176. And, make sure to check out the official platforms to read the manga.

Dr. Stone
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Release Date

Dr. Stone Chapter 176 will be released on Sunday, 29 November 2020. Note that, the new chapters of the manga are released every Sunday.

Recapturing Dr. Stone Chapter 175

Senku continues with his scientific explanation while others continue to do their work. He and Ryusui order everyone to start making the vehicles as fast as possible. Gen complains they’re always in hurry and Kaseki starts ripping apart the boat to work on the vehicles. Meanwhile, Stan and the crew are pursuing the decoy Mobile Lab and the mage to see them from distance. Stanley tells them that it’s a ghost ship and destroys it using the battle station, sinking the mobile lab.

He then informs everyone that there’s no one on board before ordering them to pursue another boat southward. Chelsea reveals that they have reached Ecuador, which is now a dry desert. Carlos and Gen are shocked when Ryusui says that the motorcycles run on wood. Xeno says that it will be the gas produced from burning wood correcting Ryusui’s statement. Senku tells everyone he’ll be making one ‘boss’ bike and five ‘baby’ bikes, where the ‘boss’ one has a boiler for burning wood and collecting charcoal gas.

Dr. Stone
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The baby ones use the six engines from the boat fueled with the collected gas. Ukyo informs everyone that the mobile lab has been destroyed and Stan is approaching them. Stan tells his crew that they must not let those little rats escape. Later Senku and the crew acquire the motorcycled as planed. They then start escaping. But, Stanley is still surprised by the way things went.

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Where can I read Dr. Stone Chapter 176?

You can read all the previous chapters as well as all the upcoming Dr. Stone Chapters here. The links are given below.


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