Dr. Stone Season 2: Set To Release In 2021?

Although an official reveals the trailer for Dr. Stone season 2 was released a few weeks back, fans are curious about the release date.

As soon as Season 1 of Dr. Stone came, it was an instant hit among the fans and the critics. Basically it was nothing different than a masterpiece.

Everyone was in love with this story of a young boy rebuilding civilization from the ground. It was loved for its originality and the series only got better as season 1 went on.

With the finale airing in February 2020, most of us were not expecting another installment for at least a year. It is mainly because of the ongoing pandemic and delays in production.

However, there was some big news about the future of Dr. Stone and a few weeks ago there was a trailer for season 2! Have a look at the official trailer below!

When will Dr. Stone Season 2 hit the screens?

As per reports, the Season 2 of the Dr. Stone anime series will premiere in January 2021. But, there is no specific release date out yet.

Although many of us predicted that season 2 will be releasing in 2021, but not many of us would have thought it could premiere so early in the year. But, what can we say, there are no complaints about such happy news?

Dr. Stone’s season 1 released in the optimal Saturday morning slot on Crunchyroll. While we are not sure about the exact release date of season 2, we can guess that it will be on a Saturday. This means that it can be either the 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd or 30th.

As always, keep reading and we will let you know more as the information comes.


What is the plotline for Dr. Stone Season 2?

As the title suggests, this season is focussing on the growing conflict between Senku’s Kingdom of Science and Tsukasa’s Empire.

But, with that, the fans can also expect a brand new set of technological advancements this season. This time it will be happening with the era of electricity in full-flow.

Also, we might see the reintroduction of Taiju and Yuzuriha, who were noticeably absent for the latter arc of season 1. But, we are still aware that these two lovers are still loyal to Senku.

Slightly a little off from the main storyline for season 2, there could be some developing romantic relationships in the upcoming installment of Dr. Stone. Will Chrome and Ruri get together, or will she have feelings for Senku?

Either way, this season should be filled with humor, excitement, and most importantly, science!

How did the fans react to the trailer?

Undoubtedly, the revealed trailer and subsequent announcements of a January release date have sent fans of the anime into meltdown.

As we know that Season 1 of the show was incredibly popular around the world, this reaction is quite normal. Hopefully, season 2 lives up to the expectation of the fans that they are putting on Senku.



Stay safe and keep reading for more updates.

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