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Dragon Ball Super: A Recent Death Is The Most Heartbreaking One So Far!

Dragon Ball franchise has shown a lot of high-profile saddening deaths over the years. Also, sometimes they have brought back the dead people. the Dragon Balls’ wish has brought back Kuririn, Vegeta, Goku, and various other Z-Fighters.

But that does not mean every one dead can be brought back. Android 16 could not be resurrected after dying to Cell due to the fact he was purely robotic. Just now, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 has shown the franchise’s saddest death and it is not reversible.

Caution! The following article contains Chapter 63 spoilers. You can read the chapter in English on Viz Media.

Dragon Ball Super: Who Died?

Merus is an exclusive manga character. Merus is an angel and he originally disguised himself as a Galactic Patrol’s member. He works on his ideals and ethics. He fights for justice no matter what. Merus has over and over showed his devotion to world peace. Sadly, he dies because of his passion and ideals.

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Dragon Ball Super
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As Merus is an Angel, he is supposed to remain impartial in the universe’s affair. This means that he is not supposed to fight Momo directly. Because of this limitation, Merus decided to train Goku in the use of Ultra Instinct.

Merus succeeded in teaching Goku the Ultra Instinct Sign. This technique serves as the gateway to the form’s proper version. Unfortunately, Ultra Instinct Sign is not the full transformation and so it gets weak. So, this proved highly draining and because of this, Goku lost his fight against Moro.

Moro can absorb energy and he has managed to stomp every one of the Z-Fighter’s attacks. He is using his power’s copy inside Seven Three to gain a major advantage over the beleaguered warriors. Just when Moro was about to kill the warriors, Merus gets in the middle of them. Merus sacrificed himself to save the others.

Dragon Ball Super
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Why Was Merus So Important?

Merus does fight Moro in the chapter, but his goal wasn’t to defeat him. He just hoped to complete Goku’s training and give the Saiyan access to Ultra Instinct proper. This will enable Goku to defeat Moro and essentially anyone else he comes up against. But everything good comes at a cost.

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Merus stops Moro from later copying Goku’s abilities or those of the other Z-Fighters. He plays offensively and destroys the jewels that allow the energy-absorbing villain to steal the powers of others. This undoubtedly violates the angelic law of impartiality.

Dragon Ball Super
Source: Crunchyroll

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So eventually, Merus starts to disappear. Before entirely disappearing, Merus says that he’s happy that he was able to tack Goku the technique. This technique will help Goku bring justice and peace in the world.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!






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