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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 : Will Merus defeat Moro?

The last chapter of Dragon Ball Super came down on us, ambushing us with surprises we were unprepared for. Fans lost their mind after reading the chapter. Shoving our heroes to the ground one by one, we saw Moro defeating almost everyone showing off his true form.
But even after the annihilation, we’re still a bit positive as our ray of hope has appeared at the scene. With the last chapter setting the stakes high, fans now are getting the Dragon Ball Z vibes from this arc.

Let’s just recapture what happened in Chapter 62

With Vegeta almost taking control of the situation by cornering Moro using his new technique(the seven three), Vegeta is warned by Gohan and other Z fighters about the new ability lasting only 30 minutes. Laughing on this as he has no time disadvantage, Moro goes on to grab Vegeta’s neck and copies his abilities. Using his attacks against him, Moro knocks Vegeta out with the Big Bang Attack, after a series of strong hits. With an amazing team effort, Gohan, Piccolo, and Goku attack Moro blowing off one of his arms.

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Meanwhile, Dende seeing the Misery of the Z fighters decides to go to the battlefield to heal them. Krillin trying to return to the battlefield so he can give them some Senzu beans.

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The team effort proving futile, as Moro copied Piccolo’s ability to heal. Slowly walking towards Goku in the vicinity, Moro rips his healed arm through the body of Goku, impaling him right through the left of his chest. Gohan seeing these charges at Moro but is knocked out in a single punch. Dende contacts with Piccolo by telepathy, telling him that he is coming to help them but Moro taps their telepathic conversation and hence creating a large barrier to stop Dende from coming there.

17 and 18 charges at Moro but are also knocked out with a single attack. Piccolo is also impaled by Moro before trying to blow everyone inside the barrier.

Source: Comic Book

Jaco is the last man standing. Firing his gun at Moro out of fear, Moro is suddenly hit by another bullet at the same time. Looking for the one who shot him, he finds Merus in his Galactin patrol uniform.

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When is the next chapter releasing?

The Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 is set to release on August 20, 2020, at Midnight (JST)


Prediction of Chapter 63 of Dragon Ball Super 

We are going to see an awesome face-off between Moro and Merus for sure. Also maybe Dende will be able to restore Goku’s energy level to normal while Merus fights Moro. Beerus has been sitting idle for too long so we might see him getting involved in the fight.

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Spoilers of Chapter 63

Currently, we don’t have any spoilers, leaks, raw scans, summaries, translations of the latest Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63 as they are generally out 2-3 days before the chapter’s release. We will update you as soon as possible if any new information releases.

Where can you read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63?

Always use official websites. Links are given below:

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