Dragon Ball Super: The Strongest Characters We’ve Ever Had! What’s Special About Each Of Them?

Dragon Ball Super has given us obscenely powerful characters thought out the series. It’s easy to assume Goku is not only one of the strongest characters in fiction, but the outright strongest in Dragon Ball. However, that’s not entirely true. There are stronger characters than him. Here’s the entire list of the top 10 strongest characters in the series!

10) Top

Top is Universe 11’s one of the most notable fighters. He was also easily one of the strongest fighters in the tournament. He can access the destroyer’s power and this made him more fearsome. Vegeta had to give his everything to defeat this fighter once and for all.

9) Jiren

Jiren is easily the most fearsome foe Goku had ever faced in the history of the Dragon Ball series. Goku had to master his Ultra Instinct during this fight in order to win it. If he had not done that, Goku’s loss was inevitable

Dragon Ball
Source: Netflix

8) Beerus

The God of Destruction of the Universe is the reason why Dragon Ball Super even exists! He is the most powerful character in the entire show. Saiyans found about Super Saiyan God only because of Beerus. His transformation opened the floodgates to a whole new level of power. Only his race could have achieved such power in Dragon Ball Super.

7) Champa

Dragon Ball Super introduced the multiverse concept for the first time. This then when we learned that every Universe 6 is Universe 7’s, twin. So Champa — Beerus’ twin brother — was the God of Destruction in this realm. Both of these gods didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye and this leads to some interesting exchanges.

6) Whis

An Angel always accompanies a God of Destruction. These Angels guide and train these Destroyer Gods and also check of their tendencies. Whis is a Universe 7’s Angel and shares a close bond with Beerus. They roam the starts together to seek out good food and destroy useless planets.

5) Vados

Vados is Universe 6’s Angel and is in charge of handling Champa. Vados takes care of Champa that he doesn’t go rusty. She also trains him so that this Destroyer God remains as powerful as one can get.

4) Vegeta

Vegeta has attained new heights of power throughout the series and pride is driving this power. He has achieved all his powers in a spectacular fashion.

He has achieved Super Saiyan Blue and also the Energy Fission technique. There’s no stopping Vegeta from attaining the power required to best his rival.

Dragon Ball
Source: Netflix

3) Goku

Everyone’s favorite, Goku has remained at the center of most conflicts ranging across the series. His power levels go over the roof and he has faced seemingly insurmountable odds in every battle. Goku has no limits and he can go to any extent to protect the people he loves.

2) Grand Minister

The Grand Minister is the strongest Angel ever created, and yes, he’s even stronger than Goku. However, fans have not witnessed much of the character’s powers as he an Angel. The few time when we saw the character’s power were enough to make us believe in his phenomenal capabilities.

1) Zeno

There are basically two Zenos in the Super Universe. For the sake of convenience, both of these can condense into one. Zone’s fickle mood can be devastating for anyone who makes a foolish mistake in their presence.

The Omni-King has the power to remove entire Universes from existence without even breaking a sweat. This proves that he is the strongest being in the entire Dragon Ball series.

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We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!


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