Dragon Ball Super continues with Moro’s invasion of the earth as he aims to devour the energy of all-powerful beings for his own goals. The last chapter had some of the highest stakes we have ever seen. And we all were taken aback. Our Heros are being shoved down one by one while Moro still stands tall.

Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc might be one of the most action-filled arcs of Dragon Ball Super and the last chapter was just a cherry on top of it. Also, it’s has been the most exciting arc of the manga yet, as this territory is not explored by the anime. And now a promo for the next chapter of the series teases the same situation as in the last chapter.

We’re completely annihilated and a desperate situation is arising for planet earth. The fight against Planet Eater Moro has evolved in ways fans had not expected to see. Goku and Vegeta are brutally destroyed by Moro. The evil wizard has defeated all the Z fighters. Also left a hole in Goku’s chest. And finally, our knight in shining armor appears. Merus, the angel in training, stands in his galactic patrol uniform. Planet Earth is now, all dependent on him.


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About the New Promo

A new promo for Chapter 63 of Dragon Ball Super is now out. It does nothing but pours salt on our wound by confirming that things are still the same. Our heroes are down, Planet Earth is almost on the verge of getting destroyed and the villain still stands tall. The translation for the promo begins as such, “Desperate Situation for the Warriors of Earth! The fallen down Vegeta got his techniques copied!”

Elaborating further, the promo teases as such, “With his coping ability, Moro possesses several different powers. He is standing in front of the collapsed warriors. Goku got his chest penetrated! As he took over his comrade, Moro transformed! The Earth gets drawn into an unprecedented threat! The one who came down from Earth is…Merus with a fearsome smile! Merus, who can’t join the battle following Angel’s law. What kind of intentions is hiding behind his smile?

To be honest, the promo does not give any kind of hope for Earth’s warriors. But Merus’s involvement is certainly a point of interest given that it was already confirmed that if he gets himself involved in the matter, he will be punished. And still he’s here anyway.

So with all this what do you think will happen in the next chapter? Of course you guys have some theories/predictions about the next or upcoming chapters. Feel free to share it with us here. Also check out this video which features predictions/theories about Meerus vs Moro.

Where can I read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63?

You can read the upcoming chapter as well as all the previous chapters of here. Catch up fast as the next chapter is almost around the corner. And Always use official websites. Links are given below: