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Dragon Ball: The First SUPER SAIYAN And Things You Didn’t Know About The Transformation!

Dragon Ball Z’s Super Saiyan Saga has given us some insanely strong characters. But do you know who the first Super Saiyan was? Well, here’s everything you need to know about the history and many more facts!

10) Dragon Ball: Who Was The First Super Saiyan?

Vegeta mentions the legend of the transformation during the Frieza Saga. He also mentions how it happened thousands of years ago. However, the Super Saiyan transformation that Vegeta mentioned was quite different than what we see now. It was a Great Ape with golden hair. According to the legend, Saiyan became so powerful that after the transformation he was able to destroy an entire planet.

Dragon Ball Super
Source: Fuji TV

9) The S-Cells And Their Use

We have seen that the Super Saiyan’s carry S-Cells with them. These cells in what cause the transformation. Once there are enough cells, the Saiyan’s body undergoes the transformation and turns into a Super Saiyan.

8) It’s The Anger And The Frustration

Even when a Saiyan’s body reaches the S-cells limit, they have to wake them up to transform into Super Saiyan. Once the Saiyan gets to the Super Saiyan stage, they can do it again anytime by will.

7) A Form That Makes Saiyans Unpredictable

Super Saiyan takes a toll and affects the Saiyan, both, physically and mentally. Saiyans become more impulsive and furious as we saw in Goku’s and Frieza’s battle.

6) The Power Increase Is Unfathomable

The Super Saiyan transformation imparts immeasurable power into the Saiyan. As we saw with Goku, after the transformation, he defeated Frieza. Earlier, he was no match to her.

5) Powered Up Versions Of Super Saiyan

As we know, Super Saiyan First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade are Super Saiyan‘s powered up versions. Additionally, it seems like Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3 are nothing but the first Super Saiyan’s versions. These versions are powered up and mastered versions.

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Source: Fuji TV

4) Super Saiyan God In The Super Saiyan State

The Saiyans have the ability and can get used to a certain power level. Even after the transformation fade away, their bodies can still produce the same level of power and energy. In Dragon Ball Super, we saw that Goku’s Super Saiyan God form disappeared. After this, he reverted back to being a Super Saiyan. However, he did not lose the God-level energy or power because his body was able to get used to it.

3) Super Saiyan Transformation Of A Deity

Black Goku was a God in a Saiyan’s body. Zamasu made this transformation possible in the first place. Even though it was a Super Saiyan Rose form, Black Goku expressed it as a normal Super Saiyan transformation. This indicates that the transformation looked different because he is a deity.

Dragon Ball
Source: Fuji TV

2) The Legendary Super Saiyan

In the Dragon Ball Universe, Broly and Kale are the well-known Legendary Super Saiyans. This green from is way stronger than the blue and is demonic in nature. It simply amplifies a Saiyan’s rage and makes him/her stronger than ever.

1) A Pure Heart

It is believed that a Saiyan can only transform into a Super Saiyan is they have a pure heart. This explains why Goku always transforms first into a higher stage than Vegeta. Vegeta might not have a gentle spirit, but he compensates for it with his hard work and training.

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We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!

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