Dragon Marked For Death: PS4 Version Coming Soon.

Inti Creator declares that the PlayStation 4 will release Dragon Marked for Death soon. The game is planed to out on July 22, 2020. Bloodstained: Curse of the moon two was also scheduled by Inti Creates in this week, on July 10, 2020.

Let’s get into the details of the games.

Dragon Marked For Death
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Dragon Marked for Death is a side-scrolling Role Playing Game, in which there can be a maximum of 4 players can join for online games. The game was initially debuted in January 2019, in Japan, In this game, the hold on the player of the Dragonbold Clan found the arrangement.

The Gameplay of Dragon Marked for Death

In Dragon Marked for Death, players will take on diverse quests and take revenge on the evil Medius Empire. The game features single stages of sizes from 200 to 400 screens and over 30 main quests, as well as side quests.

There are four characters you can choose to play with and defeat your enemies to earn experience and to go for the next level. The characters are Empress, Warrior, Shinobi, or Witch.

By increasing your level, you can improve your attacking power, defense, quickness, and other things. We can also customize our character in a way that best suits our playstyle!

Join up with up to four players from all over the world in online multiplayer action. By strategizing and working together with your group, you’ll be able to achieve even more excellent results and reap even better rewards!

Dragon Marked For Death
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Release Date of Dragon Marked for Death

If we talk about the release date of the game and then Inti Creates has officially announced that the game will launch on Play Station 4 on July 22, 2020. So, PS players, get ready for the best multiplayer game in the upcoming list.

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