Duchess of Sussex Welcomes Pearl Through Netflix

Duchess of Sussex is going to create an anime series. She partners with the streaming service Netflix for the premiere. The name of the Anime is, Pearl. According to the reports, it will be a family-friendly story.

Pearl will be Dutchess Megan and Prince Harry’s second Netflix project. It will focus on the adventures of a 12-year-old girl. According to many sources, this anime, pearl will be for Lillivet, their daughter. This is the way Megan wants to introduce her to the world.

After the couple leaves the royal life, they plan to do many projects. Pearl is just one of the many projects. later we may see many projects on Netflix.

Details of the Anime –

As for now, only a few details are out. The production of the anime Pears will be by, Archiwell Production. the idea of creating Pearl is inspired by various women in history.

harry founded the Archewell Productions team in 2014. The team earlier works on a documentary about Invictus Games.

The producer of the anime will be Megan herself alongside filmmaker David Furnish. David has produced series like “Rocketman” and “Detective Sherlock Gnome.

, Duchess of Sussex Welcomes Pearl Through Netflix
Duchess of Sussex Welcomes Pearl Through Netflix

The Story will follow,

The story will follow self-discovery. Dutchess Meghan and Prince Harry cover philanthropy. Thus, the story is going to relate the terms like self-discovery, self-realization, and etc.

Like any other twelve years old, the main character of the anime, Pearl starts the journey of life. To maintain the pace she will overcome the difficulties and the challenges life put forward. This is going to refects the philosophy to live life and be happy.

The premiere date of the anime is not announced yet. How characters will be there in the anime is also not known. For the details like these, anime lovers have to wait a little longer.

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