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Denis Villeneuve Directorial “Dune” Now To Release Next Year, Know All The News Behind It!

Timothee Chalamet starrer “Dune” delayed for next year!

The moment fans knew Dune had Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya in Dune, and craze just got real!! However, the fans have to wait a little longer as the movie’s release will be next year. As if COVID hasn’t ruined enough of our plans and here goes one more!!

Zendaya and Timothee in Dune (Source :WB)

Warner Bros. and Legendary decided to release this extravagant sci-fi into late next year. Originally the film was scheduled to be out soon, but then Warner Bros. moved Wonder Woman 1984 to Holidays, which seem to ravel things up. Warner had conjectured that amid this pandemic chaos and no vaccines insight, it might suffer a loss for two of their major projects.

The Juicy cast!!

This Frank Herbert’s novel adaptation bagged an enormous budget and some of the best gems the business had to offer. 

The cast of this amazing creation includes:

 Whew!! I don’t think I made a mistake calling it a “Juicy” ensemble.

A still from the trailer of Dune (Source: WB)

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A little about the Storyline of “Dune.”

Disclaimer: This is an attempt to save you from the spoilers!! A story from the brilliant mind of Frank Herbert, based in seminal 1965, reveals the intergalactic political struggles between rival noble families that strands one such family on a harsh desert planet. This giant horrific-looking wasteland has a treasure, a spice called mélange that makes interstellar travel conceivable.

Dune by Frank Herbert (Source: Penguin-Random-House)

Why the delay?

The same reason for which most of us have been home for all 2020, CORONA! Dune was initially to premiere on the 18th of December 2020. It all started when there was a delay in the upcoming Bond movie, No Time to Die. Furthermore, the Cinema locations across the nation were closed. The fear across the production houses is still prevalent as no news regarding the cinemas has surfaced. Although, Warner is still up with its next release, WW84 and Pixar with Soul. The drama will be whether WB will move The Batman or Dune as there is a significant chance of a clash in release dates.

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