DYNASTY SEASON 3 Ending Explained

Dynasty season 3 ended its final episode with a hangover. Fallon and friends are up for an even more dramatic season. Similar to the plot of the movie Hangover, Fallon’s memory is a bit hazy. After the Vegas worthy fun and ‘roofied’ adventure, it’s all a puzzle now. This opens more room for the further season shenanigans.

Dynasty S3 – Ending Review:

Dynasty season 3’s ending is more or less a window opening for the future. In the final episode, Sam was married to a stripper. Fallon and friends find two snakes in their hotel rooms! And in Atlanta, Anders has heavy blood with Adam, trying to dig in his past. Alexis and Jeff are not just a platonic couple anymore, there’s is fire between them now. So it’s safe to suggest that the upcoming season of Dynasty will blow minds.

While it may have seemed that, this season Dynasty was a bit unsatisfying. Well, the reason could be the unexpected end of the show due to the recent climate. According to Dynasty creator Josh Reims, We were bound to see the Fallon-Liam wedding this season. Well, now we just gotta wait a while.

With the scripts of the-would have been-final two episodes already written there bound to be rewritten. Show-runner Josh Reims suggests there are going to be changes but most of it will remain. The promised Blake’s war with Adam is a high possibility. Fallon and Liam are getting married! With this- although predictable- yet exciting events coming season 4 would be an even more dramatic binge.

Dynasty season 3 was a roller coaster-like it’s predecessors. With the untimely changes in the end it delivers the crux for some characters. Fallon and friends are on a new path with new problems and drama. But the question still remains. How did the snakes enter the room? One thing is sure season 4 would be even more dramatic.



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