Eastenders : Peter Disclose Everything To Jay?

EastEnders is a 1985 Television Serial which was launched by Julia Smith and Tony Holland and has been telecast on BBC. The show was based on the stories of local citizens, the things they do for their lively.

Since 2001 there are episodes on every day except Wednesday, but at first, there were only two episodes of 30-minutes each per week.

Joy And Lola
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Recently, on March 18, 2020, it was decided to string production of the show by BBC and also to reduce the broadcast to two performances of 30-minutes per week because of CoronaVirus pandemic as they can’t able to film the episodes at this time.

In Britain, the show achieved number position in BARB’s TV ratings and lasted among the top-rated series in Britain.

Peter Threatens Lola To Scoop The Night With Her | Eastenders

In the past episodes of EastEnders, Peter’s come back to Walford, with a conduct of old feelings for Lola. She and Jay had a big fight, from which she talks to Peter, and start drinking there.

Lola become so drunk, and they both came closer and closer. She was scared that the truth would come in the relationship between her and Jay. It may ruin her relationship.

Peter And Lola
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The matter becomes more dangerous and complicated, when Peter and Jay start chilling out together. Lola becomes so scared that she was unable to keep her feelings restrain. Lola told everything to Callum about that night with Peter.

Peter And Lola
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In the upcoming episodes, we can expect that the relationship between Lola and Jay will seemingly going well and requests to Peter to keep his mouth shut. She unveils that to Jay about the abortion. Jay cannot do anything except supporting her.

Will Peter Beale add up to reveal about his night with Lola?

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