Ed Sheeran faces legal trouble over 2017 hit song ‘Shape of You’

The sad news for the fans is that the British singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran has caught up in legal trouble. A copyright lawsuit has been filed over his 2017 hit single ‘Shape of You’.

Fans have all set.
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Why is Ed Sheeran involved in the legal trouble?

Yes fans, he is caught in legal trouble as a copyright lawsuit has been filed over on his 2017 hit song, ‘Shape of You’.

In London’s High Cory will hear the case for Sheeran and the songwriters Sami Chokri and Ross O’Donoghue.

Chokri, better known under his pseudonym Sami Switch, is a grime artist, while O’Donoghue is a producer.

What are the further details?

Both of them have alleged that Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ bears similarities to Chakri’s single ‘Oh Why’. On ‘Shape of You’, Sheeran holds the credit as its lyricist alongside Patrol singer Johnny McDaid and producer Steven McCutcheon.

Each and every music label such as Polar Patrol Music, Rokstone Music Limited, Kobalt Music, Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Sued Chokri and O’Donoghue in 2018 declared no infringement of copyright. However, Chokri and O’Donoghue countered it and asked for compensation.

Ed Sheeran has huge fanbase.
This will end soon. Source: etcanada.com

The PRS collects and distributes royalties to artists, has denied royalties to McDaid, Sheeran, and McCutcheon due to ongoing tussle. Moreover, Sheeran has been in the situation of infringement before too. He was sued for his single ‘Photograph’ in 2016 whereas for ‘Thinking Out Loud’ in 2018.

As per reports, the tussle for ‘Thinking out loud’ is still underway but ‘Photograph’ was settled outside the court. The next court sessions will be done before Justice Zacaroli and might last for 3 weeks.

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