Edens Zero: Yonkou Production confirms plans of making an anime

Edens Zero is a Japanse sci-fi manga series which is written by Hiro Mashima. Well, here is good news for fans as it seems that Edens Zero is about to get an anime. The teaser has been out by Yonkou Production, who, however, has a record of slipping of animes, so fans are in quite a doubt as well. Let’s have a look at further details about Edens Zero getting an anime.

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When was the news shared?

The announcement was made by the Yonkou Productions recently on the official Twitter account. He shared, “Edens Zero is getting an anime.” However, no other comments and explanation was given by the maker and the created on the post. Also, there is no official announcement made about the anime yet except for the below Tweet.

Have a look at the what they Tweeted on their official Twitter handle:

What are the views of fans about Edens Zero getting an anime??

Fans have been guessing and speculating about such a great surprise for a long time now. Many fans are also waiting for the announcement about Fairy Tail getting an anime adaptation as well.

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Talking about the anime, fans were pretty sure that this would happen, and it seems that their wish has come true. The manga is in the market for more than a year now, so, it probably motivated Mashima to get Edens Zero an anime.

Well, now fans need to wait and sit tight to see what Mashima will bring on-screen through the manga. Obviously, looking at the popularity and great content of the manga, the upcoming anime will be fantastic too!

Fans need not worry about getting updates, as when the development will throw more information, we will reach out to you as soon as possible. Till then, keep up with our posts.

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