Elizabeth Harvest: What Happens After Henry’s Death Is Unexpected! Know The Ending Here.

Elizabeth Harvest came out about 2 years ago and it confused people on the grounds of it being a very awkward narrative and a story filled with so many subplots. Now Elizabeth Harvest did garner some amount of criticism but it wasn’t all bad. The story is very confusing but fun to watch. Once you get a clear picture in your head, it is easy to understand the story in a better way. Let’s get a clear picture then.


Elizabeth Harvest: Ending Explained

So, throughout the movie Elizabeth Harvest, you follow 2 important characters, Elizabeth and Henry. When Elizabeth the original died, Henry, the husband, and scientist couldn’t handle it. So he decided to make clones of her. The initial clones though suffered the same fate as the original and died due to the same degenerative disease. So Henry Brings out one of his colleagues to help him. They develop the 3rd version of Elizabeth which was cured of the degenerative disease but now had amnesia.

At this point in the story of Elizabeth Harvest things start to get dark. After the 3rd version dies herself by choking on the pillow. The 4th version was just made by Henry to relive the experience of her wife until he kills this version and awaits another. The 5th version of Elizabeth though was not like the others, she had flaws too but she manages to one thing to break the entire loop of killing and regenerating. She killed Henry!

still from the Ending of Elizabeth Harvest
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Now that Henry is dead there won’t be any trouble, right? Nope. Well, it turns out the Oliver guy (Blind) is but a clone of Henry himself. A younger version. Oliver tries to do the same old thing by trying to kill the 5th version and generating the 6th. The 6th one after being fed the memories and coming to life takes a wild turn and shoots the 5th version and the bullet also kills Oliver. Thus the entire second loop is destroyed. The 6th version is disease-free. She has no amnesia and now goes on to live in the world, free of any shackles.

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The story was compelling. But the narration styles botched it a little. Though it was fascinating to watch the events unfold – Elizabeth Harvest.

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