Umbrella Academy Cast Elliot Page Opens Up Officially That He’s Transgender

Elliot Page Comes Out As Transgender

The Umbrella Academy star Elliot Page announces he is transgender in an open letter. He posted this letter on his social media page. Elliot is an Oscar-nominated actor for his role as a pregnant teenager in Juno. The actor proved himself as an acting force with a powerful performance in Hard Candy. 

One of the recent achievements of Page is Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy. Playing the most powerful character in the Hargreeves siblings, Vanya Hargreeves, Page paid his share to raise the show’s bar. Season 1 took us through the journey where the family tries to curb the apocalypse. Little did they know it was Vanya causing it the whole time. The Umbrella Academy season 2 released over the summer and saw the Hargreeves siblings sent back in time and needing to navigate the 1960s. The Umbrella Academy was renewed for season 3 at Netflix and is currently in the works.

Elliot’s Post

Page went ahead and posted her feelings on her social media account through a letter. Page had no second thoughts on how he felt about it. “I love that I am trans. And I love that I am queer,” he wrote in the letter. Read the whole letter below.


 The official Netflix account replied to Page’s post as “So proud of our superhero! WE LOVE YOU ELLIOT! Can’t wait to see you return in season 3!”  Co-star Jen Richards supported Page with a warm welcome. “Congrats Elliot. Welcome to the family!”

Blame game? Nah!

Although it was a brave and joyous moment for Elliot, he didn’t refrain from mentioning some of his insecurities. Page also took the opportunity to speak about discrimination toward trans folks and “those with a massive platform who continue to spew hostility towards the trans community.” Page refrained from taking any names. However, the Harry Potter author came into the limelight for making anti-trans comments. She is not the only one who shared her views on the Trans community, but Page wanted this opportunity to celebrate herself rather than play the blame game. 

It must have been one of the terrifying decisions to open up about his life decisions, but there has been immense support from friends and co-actors. As of now, it’s unclear if Page’s own experiences will be incorporated into The Umbrella Academy season 3 at all. Vanya’s gender identity has never been explicitly discussed on the show, though the character uses she/her pronouns. There haven’t been many roles that represent the LGBTQ community. It would be an excellent opportunity for the makers to incorporate it into the storyline.  


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