Emma Thompson Calls Out On Double Standard in Movie Romances

Since our childhood, we had been watching a number of hits shows and movies. This quantity would sincerely tell could you guess how many movies or shows would be there who had its main cast as the heroine. Do you remember it?

Well, I am not considering that you would have not watched any female actress leading shows or movies, still, I am sure, those female staffer movies or shows must be in fewer number than that of male leading movies. Isn’t it? Well, to surpass this consistency, once again Emma Thompson is going to land on Hollywood Industry platform to debut the best heroic part of the female actress in the Hollywood Industry. So let’s see the complete detail.

Emma Thompson Reveals The Concept Of Dual Love Romanticism In The Hollywood Industry

Emma Thompson has been a great screenwriter and great personality. She is always seen wearing the crown to be best as female. In her latest movies and shows, she has talked much about the fantasy, romance and many other parameters linked to that of humans by that of female emotions.

According to Emma’s upcoming movie, “Good Luck to You, Leo Grande”, the movie has described the life of a widow, who did not have a successful marriage with her husband and lacked the real romance of life. After the death of her husband, she visits a sex therapist and speaks a classic dialogue that elaborates about her emotions that she wants to have love romance with a younger man, not with the same age of person resembling her age.

Well, Emma’s most of the movie is more or less by the women’s emotions and empowerment. So let’s wait for this great upcoming movie and enjoy your Christmas feast.

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