Esther Salas: The Mystery Behind The Killing Of Her Husband And Son. Know Everything Here

Hey, ya fellas! Hope everyone is safe and sound. Moreover, are taking proper measures to be safe. Imagine, the justice doers pleading and needy for justice. Horrible isn’t it! But, its the truth Federal Judge and her family needs justice. The article will cover all the aspects of the Esther Salas case. So, hop in.

Who is the killer? (Image: Youtube)

Everything About Esther Salas Case

The Federal Investigating authorities remarked, the self-proclaimed ” anti-feminists” as the prime suspect. Moreover, he was found dead to 2 hours drive location. However, the shootout at New Jersey in the judge’s house took the life of her son. Moreover, it heavily injured her husband. However, the shootout didn’t harm the judge.

US District Esther Salas didn’t get hurt in the shootout. The Federal investigators continue to investigate and look into the matter. The FBI identified the body as Roy Den Hollander. He is supposed to be the prime suspect of attacking the US judges house on Sunday.

The Investigators in their official statement said Hollander was found dead supposedly by a self-shot bullet. Moreover, he had a picture of Esther Salas and an empty package on her name.

Esther Salas lost her son (Image: BBC)

Hollander: A Misogynist

Roy Den Hollander has been filing cases against women’s rights. He filled a case against women partying or clubbing at night. Moreover, he filled another case in which he asked the Government to ban Women’s Participation in the Military. He was part of the case before Esther Salas.

Who is this FedEx Guy? (Image: ANI)

Esther Salas: Life under Threat

The shootout took place at Salas’s place in New Jersey on Sunday, Afternoon. The gunman was reportedly wearing the uniform of a FedEx delivery guy. The son of Esther Salas was shot through the heart.

Whereas her husband took many shots and was heavily injured. The Attorney General has said, this sort of activity and doings won’t be appreciated. Moreover, the FBI as well as the Marshals are looking into the matter.

Womack, a close friend of both Mr. and Mrs. Salas denied the fact of any sort of threat. He said, ” As per my knowledge there wasn’t any sort of life threat in recent times.” The FBI, Marsha Service, and police all are looking into the matter to unveil the mystery.

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