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Euphoria Season 2 | Renewal and Release Details

Is it only me who is desperate to get an update regarding the Euphoria Season 2 or is everyone else who has watched the first season facing the same desperation? Well, I guess we’re all in this together! 😛 The gritty teen drama show that sparked a resurgence of glitter eyeshadow was renewed for a second season just after the first season was premiered on HBO back in the year 2019.

Euphoria Season 2
Image Source – HBO

Francesca Orsi, EVP of programming of HBO, said in July 2019, that the creator of Euphoria, Sam Levinson has successfully built an incredible world along with an extraordinary cast, which is led by the super talented, Zendaya. He added that they are so grateful that Sam Levinson chose HBO as the home for this wonderful series. Also, they will look forward to following these complex characters as their journey continues through the challenging world they live in.

Now, after a year, not much of the information is known about the second season of Euphoria. And that has left us wondering how come there’s no renewal for such a splendid show!

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Well, not to anyone’s surprise, this is because of the ongoing global pandemic, which forced the production houses to stop all the production of multiple web series, movies, and TV shows.

Euphoria Season 2 Details

The cast and the crew members of the show got together for a table read of the second season. Zendaya, who played the character of Rue, despite the ambiguous finale of season one, seems to be very much alive. She was pictured with Angus Cloud, her costar during a table read, which was shared in mid-March. Angus played the character of Rue’s lovable drug dealer, Fez.

There will be some new faces joining in the list of cast members. A cast listing was reportedly surfaced back in January this year, which revealed allegedly three new characters. However, we are only sure about the presence of Kelvin Harrison Jr. in the photos of Season 2 table read.

Euphoria Season 2
Image Source – HBO

Zendaya told MJ Rodriguez that the filming for season 2 was supposed to start on March 16, but everything was shut down three or probably four days back. She added that she, however, can not complain; she is fortunate that she is still safe and has still got a job.

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Got nostalgic? While you wait for season 2, you can watch the first season of Euphoria on Amazon Prime Video.

Well, for your information, Zendaya is dating Jacob Elordi, her costar. Woah! Jacob has been such a heartthrob for all the girls ever since The Kissing Booth came out. And the craziness for him has increased after his awesome performance in The Kissing Booth 2 recently!

Well, Zendaya has her own fan universe too and both their fans are completely in awe of the couple and they look cute together!

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