Euphoria: Two Bonus Episodes Set To Release Prior To Season 2! Details Inside

This is for all the fans of Euphoria; your wish for this year’s Christmas is going to be answered. The HBO teen drama is going to make a return with a pair of special episodes, as confirmed by the network on Monday. It will be beginning with an installment whose them is going to be based on Christmas, and that will be premiered on December 6, Sunday at 9/8c.

The episode is titled “Trouble Don’t Last Away,” and it is written and directed by the creator of the series, Sam Levinson. As per the official description that has been released, it follows the character, Rue, as she celebrates Christmas in the afternoon in the aftermath of being left at the train station by Jules and relapsing.

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The series, as you may already be aware of, stars Zendaya in the lead role. She has recently surprisingly won an Emmy Award for her role in this teen drama series. Zendaya is going to return as Rue in the second season of the series. Also, Colman Domingo, who guest-starred as sobriety mentor of Rue, Ali, in the last season, will be returning for the special episode as well.

Euphoria: Two Bonus Episodes Set To Release Prior To Season 2

The first hints of the fact that two special episodes are going to happen in the near future was given by Zendaya herself back in the month of August. A synopsis and a premiere date for the second bonus episode is yet to be announced by the makers of the show. We also feel responsible for informing you that, according to HBO, both of the special bonus episodes were produced, keeping in mind the guidelines that were to be followed.

Here is a bit of a description of what the show is all about; it does not contain any major spoiler, so you can move further. It stars Zendaya as a teen addicted to drugs named Rue. She enters into a passionate relationship with a guy named Jules, whose role is played by Hunter Schafer

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Along with these two actors, the following stars also made an appearance in the series.

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The series was premiered in the month of June of the year 2019, and it was renewed for the second season a month later. However, the production of the second season faced delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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