Even Stevens: This Star From ‘That’s So Raven’ Was Almost Roped In For Beans!

Kyle Massey, the star from That’s So Raven, revealed that he almost played Beans on Even Stevens. He did this during an appearance on the YouTube show of Christy Carlson Romano. This would have made the That’s So Raven star the co-star of Romano during the three-year run of the show in the early aughts. The actor made an appearance on the online cooking show of Romano, Christy’s Kitchen Throwback. There at Romano’s show, both the friends reminisced about their more than 20 years of friendship, which began when both of them were child artists on the Disney Channel.

Kyle Massey
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Even Stevens and Kyle Massey

When Massey was asked by Romano how old he was when he started acting, he said to Romano that he don’t even know if you(Romano) know this story. He continued that he was supposed to be as Beans on Even Stevens, and he said again that he was supposed to be Beans. The actor did not get that part, and that is the reason why he made it to straight to That’s So Raven, and he does not think that anyone knew this in the world. Well, this was as surprising and shocking to us as it may be appealing to you, this Disney trivia did blow our minds too.

To this, Romano said that she never even knew this, and later revealed that the two shows were connected by the same production team. She added that the executive producers of her show produced Raven and they may know how talented and awesome you were because of that audition of yours in which you were Beans. Romano and Massey did not end up appearing on the same show, but they did spend a lot of time together hanging out during their Disney days.

Cory In The House
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Christy Carlson Romano and Kyle Massey

She even recalled that the producers of Raven used the set of Even Stevens to shoot the pilot. They are basically like a big family she added. Kyle thinks that they are geniuses as they took a chance to create an all-Black show, which eventually turned it to be the first syndicated show. It consisted of a total of hundred episodes with an all-Black cast members.

Despite the enduring legacy of That’s So Raven, and Cory in the House, the own spinoff show of Massey, which ran from the year 2007 to 2008, the actor was not seen making an appearance in the recent reboot, Raven’s Home.

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