Everwild: Every Reason For Xbox Lovers To Be Excited

After a long wait, finally, there is some news about Everwild. Rare studios talked about launching Everwild last year before it went all ghosts on it. Now, Everwild’s new trailer has made Xbox lovers more excited about it.

Rare studios brought some amazing games before like Sea of Thieves and Banjo-Kazooie. So this takes our expectations from Everwild on another level. The latest trailer shows us some strange and beautiful world, but what role players will play in this cinematic world is still a mystery.

Watch the new trailer below!

Everwild: Synopsis

The first teaser gives us a dip into a society of what appear to be hunter-gatherers exploring the world. The world is full of beautiful and sometimes frightening beasts. Additionally, there were also some humans who appear to be part of this same society, wearing patterned cloaks and earthy tones. The hunter-gatherers appear to be human. But the world they live in is much more mysterious, magical, and unusual than ours.

Matt Booty, Xbox Game Studios head recently told in an interview that they loved the idea of Sea of Thieves. The players creating stories together was just amazing. Everwild is all about giving players the world they can just lose themselves in. A mystical and wondrous world where every decision is ruled by nature.

Everwild’s exact gameplay still remains a mystery. Booty said that the reason they haven’t talked a lot about the game is that they’re still feeling a lot of these things out. They are still playing around with gameplay ideas.

Everwild looks exploration-heavy in this new trailer. Multiple characters will team up to explore the world around them. Additionally, it seems dancing and appearing to conjure magic together will be a delight to see.

Rare is yet to announce the official release date. Everwild will be available on the Xbox Series X, as well as Xbox Game Pass and Windows 10.


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