Everything We Know About Russo Brothers, Christmas Carol Movie!

The favorite Avengers’ directors, The Russo Brothers are in the Christmas Spirit! They are now developing a modern version of the Christmas Novel, A Christmas Carol with the possible making in 2021.

The classic holiday novel, A Christmas Carol, was written by Charles Dickens and published in 1843. It narrates the story of a lonely old penny-pincher, Ebenezer Scrooge. His meeting with the ghosts of the past, present, and future reshapes his nature into a kind and compassionate one.

Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol.
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It’s been the source of countless adaptations over the years, whether it’s the beloved The Muppets Christmas Carol from 1992 or Robert Zemeckis’ A Christmas Carol. For Apple, a new musical retelling of A Christmas Carol is in the making. It will star Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds. We certainly have no crunch when it comes to adaptations for the novel, and now, Russo Brothers will add one more to the list with a modern twist.

The screenwriting duo Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, took to Twitter announcing that the Russo Brothers gave them a commission to write “a modern version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL.


The Writers Wish to Make the Film in 2021!

No piece of information is available on the casting list but Shannon and Swift did say that they hope their version gets made in 2021.

From time immemorial, A Christmas Carol takes place on Christmas Eve in 19th century London, but if the Russos want “a modern twist,” things could seem different. Questions like how close it will be to the original source material? Will Russos direct or produce the film? Are yet to be answered. Swift and Shannon are quite interesting choices for the project, as their last film Baywatch is miles away from A Christmas Carol style film.

Russo Brothers to film A Christmas Carol with a modern twist.
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Bill Condon will also be directing a musical based on the novel but here’s the spin! It will be from the Scrooge’s late business partner Marley’s POV. Audiences will have to wait and see what the Russos ‘version of A Christmas Carol has for them.

Russo Brothers’ Other Big Projects!

The brothers are also working on Tom Holland starrer Cherry as well. The movie recently launched its first poster, and it sure looks interesting enough. We have no new lead on the casting details of the Russo brother’s reimagining of the classic tale of A Christmas Carol.



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