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CBS Network’s ‘Evil’ Reveals Trailer For Season 2 And It Is Grabbing All The Eyes!!

Trailer of second season of “Evil” raises the gloom quotient!!

CBS released the trailer for the second season of their metaphysical Drama “Evil” during the panel of New York Comic-Con panel.

There is no need to say the damage corona-virus has done to the show industry. It is what compelled the makers, Robert and Michelle King, to create a three-minute special trailer for the fans. The video featured the cast in their household imitating the sound effects and expressing to different scenarios, creating a fun experience for the viewers.

More about “Evil”

Evil Poster (Source: GettyImages)

Evil is an American supernatural drama television series created by Robert and Michelle King. The series initially premiered in September 2019 and based on the popularity, CBS renewed it for season 2. The ensemble consists of 

Highlights of panel discussion

The panel discussion drew attention to the climax of season 1 and revealed a significant possibility that Kristen Bouchard (Herbers) may have killed her stalker. David Acosta (Colter) also hints of her walking towards the devil. “David is going to take Kristen’s character in a little differently because he knows that she doesn’t believe the same things that he believes, so they’re always talking on different wavelengths,” is what he said when asked about his thoughts on Kristen. Colter also added that “David respects what she (Kristen) brings to the table, but does feel like the things that comes in front of his eyes are legitimate. So how does he convey this to her? There are so many things, but it’s going to give a lot of exciting things for me to play with, and I think for the scenes to have underneath it because we won’t necessarily be able to talk about all the stuff at once or ever.”

Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir, Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard and Mike Colter as David Acosta star in EVIL on CBS Television Network. (Source: CBS)

Some more spoilers

The trailer also insinuates that the engagement of Leland (Emerson) and Sheryl (Lathi) will not last long. The mutual attraction between David and Kristen was quite evident in the previous season. However, now that we’ve heard the words from the man himself, it doesn’t seem their connection is going to take an amorous turn. The producers seem to be experimenting with this pair. The show-makers are trying to establish what they call “romance of mind”. They don’t want the audience to get distracted by the intimate association of the protagonists. 

A still from the show “Evil” (Source: CBS)

Apart from taking a dig at the viewers, the Kings revealed that this season would surely bring the eerie quotient to max with supernatural beings. “There is a character named Abby, who is a version of George. We have, I would say, five or six new scary things this year,” added Robert.


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