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Ex-Arm Episode 1 Release Date and Updates

Ex-Arm: This week we will be attending at Ex- Arm that will be premier early in 2021. This is about Akira Natsuma, an intellectual boy. Akira Natsume is great at diagnosing a phobia of electrical appliances in the year 2014. Akira is an authority in doing that. He decides to try to live a better life so that he can get a date just like his brother. Later he met with an adventure. And passed away. Let’s see what will occur after Akira’s accident below.

So, After 16 years, a policewoman, simultaneously with her android partner. And recover and activate AI. Also, a superweapon called Ex- Arm and put inside their ship for full sovereignty. Later it revealed that AI is Akira’s intellect. Aima regularly acts emotionless but not wholly. As She still does that at her Minami. Aima has a life span of four years since she is a prototype android. She got hired as a portion of the police force and became Minami Uenozono’s partner.

Ex-Arm Episode 1 Release Date 

Ex-Arm Episode 1 will be released on Monday, 11 January 2021, at 1:05 AM JST. The most advanced new episode of this Anime will be released every Monday. For you to get more updates on this Anime. And also, you can officially visit Animes’ web at www.exarm-anime.com. It is also open to watch formally on Crunchyroll.


Akira used to be an average shy high schoolboy. And when he has a phobia of technology, he applies his skills to repair broken devices. After rescuing a girl in 2014, he accidentally run over by a truck. After 16 years passed, two leaders head out on a profession. It is Alma, and Minami Uenozono is on a mission to obtain EX-ARM No. 00.

Ex-Arm Episode 1

In the year 2030, a police officer identified as Minami Uezono. So, and her partner Alma is the android. They infiltrate the picture of trade going on at Tokyo Harbor. They are working on getting an unknown weapon named EX-ARM. Throughout their mission, the enemies rose to appear, and they started to face problems.


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