Exclusive: Disney+ Hawkeye Will Feature Black Widow. What’s Her Role?

There is a new word on the street, claiming that Florence Pugh will reprise her role as Yelena Belova for the upcoming Hawkeye series on Disney+. So does the Black Widow star, Florence Pugh, have a future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The rumour also claims that Yelena will wear a costume similar to the Ronin outfit wears in Avengers: Endgame.

What is the History of Black Widow?

Florence Pugh to star as Black Widow in Hawkeye.
Source: Disney+

Pugh will portray Yelena in the upcoming Black Widow film, which might hit theatres in 2021. In comics canon, Yelena Belova was the second character to bear the mantle of Black Widow. She believed herself to be the rightful successor of this title. Mutant Sauron horribly burns her with his fire breath. Hydra then approaches Yelena and augment her body with the tech stolen from Super-Adaptoid(foes of Avengers). During the events of the Secret Empire, Natasha gets killed. Hence, Yelena takes up the mantle of the Black Widow again to honour her fallen predecessor.

In the comics, Yelena Belova is Natasha Romanoff’s nemesis for the mantle of the Black Widow. But it’s slowly becoming clearer that the MCU’s version has quite a different relationship with her fellow ex-assassin.


The MCU’s Yelena Belova will make her debut in Black Widow. The film set briefly after Captain America: Civil War period. Black Widow is wanted for breach of the Sokovia Accords. Thus, she is forced to go back to her old “family” from the Red Room for aid. The relationship between Yelena and Natasha feels like two sisters, who can be bitter with one another, but regardless, love each other deeply. Even though Pugh initially was modest about her MCU future, there’s now a confirmation about her appearance in the Hawkeye Disney+ TV series.

Does Hawkeye and Yelena Belova have a History?

Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff.
Source: MCU

Belova’s history in the MCU is relatively unknown; it’s even probable she has a history of her own with Hawkeye. She possibly might have come his way back when he had a job to take out Natasha. Whether that is the case or not, it seems Hawkeye will see a reunion between key members of Natasha Romanoff’s two families – Yelena representing her Red Room family, Clint standing for her time with SHIELD and the Avengers. In a surreal way, Hawkeye is might be the conclusion of Black Widow’s MCU saga. It will also be an opportunity to finally show Natasha’s loved ones grieve for her loss.


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