Extraction: Get To Know The Ending and Possible Story Of The Next Part

Extraction: Get To Know The Ending and Possible Story Of The Next Part

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction
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Extraction‘ is a thriller film jam-packed with action sequences, released on Netflix. It is written by Joe Russo( Endgame director) and is based on the novel Ciudad which was also co-authored by him. Hold your breath and read on to discover the ideas about its sequel!

Extraction: Synopsis

Tyler Rake played by Chris Hemsworth is an Australian mercenary who is given the job of “Extraction” of Ovi by Nik Khan. Ovi played by Rudhraksh Jaiswal is the son of an Indian drug lord who is in prison. Ovi is kidnapped by a rival drug lord from Dhaka named Amir Asif. Saju played by Randeep Hooda, plans to extract Ovi without paying the money to Nik Khan.

The Violent Ending

The story takes many turns but Rake is utterly determined to carry out the “Extraction” at the cost of his own sweat and blood. Saju along with Rake, fight Asif’s armed men and try to rescue Ovi. The last climactic action sequence happens on a bridge where Nik arrives for Rake and Ovi’s rescue and Asif continues to attack them from the other entrance of the bridge. Rake gets multiple bullet shots due to the disorganized chaos between the two parties.

After Nik manages to take Ovi in a chopper, Rake falls off the bridge into a river. After a few months, Nik murders Asif in a male restroom. Ovi is seen diving in his school’s swimming pool and being watched upon by a hazy figure.

Extraction 2: Plot Possibilities

Ending scene from Extraction
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Joe Russo confirmed he is writing the sequel to the movie Extraction. Undoubtedly, the first part leaves us in suspense yet remorse about Rake’s death. The hazy figure at the end could be Rake returning back to check on Ovi, as he always got his dead son’s flashbacks when he was with Ovi. As we know, Rake was originally from Australia and got hired up to carry out an extraction in Bangladesh. This shows he was quite an expert and adroit at his work. Hence, giving us hope about the sequel showing him on a different mission in some other country.

Moreover, the second possibility is the movie showing Ovi as an adult and following his family’s tradition in the crime business. As per the statement given by Joe Russo, Extraction 2 could either go forward or backward in time. Finally, these numerous possibilities increase our eagerness for the sequel. Let’s wait in suspense and let time unfold what this amazing thriller’s sequel has to offer the audience.

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