Fand think ciara is pregnant in 2022 as Tiktok Video goes viral!

Fand think ciara is pregnant in 2022 as Tiktok Video goes viral!: After the video going viral on TikTok the fans are convinced and also went crazy with the excitement about Ciara being pregnant again in 2022.

She is a very proud mother of three kids and on this news she hasn’t really commented. But we all the fandom world, they all have started to feel that they got the news before the news was broken out to the world by her.

On the TikTok she has been very vocal about her pregnancy and her journey of pregnancy. So that’s why the recent Tirol is rising some questions among the fans.

Let's adore her.
Beauty speaks. source:


19th March, lolaloveu5- a TikTok user shares a video with the singer on her platform. Later on it was known that Lola is a fan of Ciara and has been lucky enough to meet the singer personally.

Although the moment was seize by the TikTok as she got a the lucky chance to click a photo with the famous Ciara.

Also, on that same moment the pair also took a video tovether, which was shared by Lola on the platform. The caption goes like, : “his beat is automatic supersonic hypnotic funky fresh Ciara? Yes ma’am.”


What all is hiding.
We got the spark. source:

When the Ciara video went viral then the fans very quickly picked up the fact that Ciara maybe pregnant. This capture was done by the baby bump, not only TikTok but also Twitter fans have also attracted the attention. Even the Twitter fans are shocked, and are excited too!

For ruining the pregnancy of the famous Ciara, the fans started to call her not to spoil the Ciara’s privacy.

Ciara: What do you all think?
is she preganant? source: twitter

“In my defense, I didn’t even see she was pregnant. When I said I just found out it cuz y’all pointed it out to me. I had no bad intentions. Before the video, we took 3 pics but I looked so crazy I asked her if I could just take a video of her,” said the user.


Ciara: Is she hiding?
What is your opinion? source: twitter

There is a different story when people see ciara’s social media, fans think she is pregnant but the feed says a different story. On the feed of her social media it yay have proved people that yes she is not pregnant due to her recent posted pictures. She showed her physique and beauty but till now there isn’t any comment from her side on these ongoing pregnancy rumours.

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