Fantastic Beasts 3,4,5 is to come about. what we know until now.

The third installment of Fantastic Beasts expanding the magical world of Harry Potter is going to be released. Where a new adventure in Newt Scamander is awaiting.

The Harry Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves returns, where the characters are created by J.K. Rowling, and the movie is directed by David Yates who directed the last 4 movies of Harry potter.


We lost some of the characters like Leta Lestrange who was killed while helping to escape, Newt and others. There are more of them to return Tins Goldstein played by Eddie Redmayne, Jacob Kowalski played by Dan Fogler, Queenie Goldstein played by Alison Sudol, Credence Barebone or as rumors are Aurelius Dumbledore played by Ezra Miller, Theseus Scamander played by Callum Turner, and Jude Law as young Albus Dumbledore which would be bonus for Harry Potter.

Most important Jonny Depp will return as Gellert Grindelwald.


The Crimes of Grindelwald lost many fans, while critics giving good reviews. This was because of a complicated plot and movie full of Easter Eggs. The creators should keep that in mind.

The third part will be more about, Jude Law and action at Hogwarts.


The production will be starting from spring 2020 and releasing on November 12, 2020. Shooting will be in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. There was a delay because critics rated the last movie from this series very badly, so screenwriter J. K. Rowling needed to tune fine their scripts.

Also if the series is to be said to have 4th and 5th movie too which is said to be released in November 2023 and November 2025, although the gap might get a wide gap between them, because of Star War series.

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