Fantastic Four: An Extended Edition on HBO Max soon.

Ever since its beginning, HBO Max has been adding a bunch of films and series on its frame lately. The digital emerging platform has some exciting films coming on its platform soon, and one of them is the Extended Version of Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four
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Fantastic Four is a 2015 American superhero movie based on the Marvel Comics superhero group of the same team. This film directed by Tim Story and released by 20th Century Fox.

The movie was released in the United States on July 8, 2005. It acquired diverse reviews but was a commercial success. A continuation, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, was released in 2007. A was reboot released in 2015.

Cast Of The Movie:

  • Miles Teller as Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic
  • Michael B.Jordan as Johnny Storm /Human Torch
  • Kate Mera as Sue Storm / Invisible Women
  • Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm / The Thing
  • Toby Kebbell as Victor von Doom / Doctor Doom
  • Reg E.Cathey as Dr. Franklin Storm
  • Tim Blake Nelson as Dr. Harvey Allen 
Fantastic Four
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Fantastic Four An Extended Version On HBO Max Expected Soon:

HBO Max is planning to add more than 200 films and series on its platform in the next month (July). This addition will also include an Extended Version of Fantastic Four.

An extended version of the 2005 film is on its way to the HBO Max streaming aid.

This cut will appear on HBO Max on July 1. The extended version of Fantastic Four 1st launched through a home video release in June 2007 and added 20 minutes of deleted scenes and subplots into the movie.

According to a breakdown by Movie Censorship, among the additions to the extended cut of Fantastic Four are entirely different opening approval and a dinner date scene between Victor von Doom and Sue Storm. Other new segments in the extended cut include a sequence in which Johnny Storm’s womanizing behavior backfires on him and one about Ben Grimm attending an art exhibition with Alicia Masters.

The extended part also includes a set of references to two other Marvel Comics characters. One of these is Reed Richards pull out his face to look like Wolverine. At the same time, the additional notice Alicia Masters observes that some puppets in her art exhibition belong to her father. The later presents as a reference to the Fantastic Four rival, Puppet Master.

An extended version of the critically criticized 2005 Fantastic Four film leads to the HBO Max streaming service in July 2020.



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