Fate/Extra Record: Remake Of Fate/Extra PlayStation Portable Confirmed

Fate/Extra Record is going to be back with a full charge and it is going to be better than ever. Type-Moon Studio BB has announced that a remake is underway to celebrate Fate/Extra Record’s 10th anniversary. Fate/Extra is the first series’ RPG version that was released on PlayStation Portable.

Studio BB has released two trailer versions. One with BGMs from the original PSP release and another with a new set of music and the Japanese version of Archer’s Unlimited Blade Works.

Watch both the trailer versions below!

Fate/Extra Record: What’s New?

Kazuya Niino, studio BB’s director revealed more details revolving the Record on Fate/Extra 10th anniversary. He also showed some of the amazing gameplay footage from the remake’s early build. Also, it will be now powered by the Unreal Engine and the totally revamped battle system. Additionally, a live 2D movable character portraying Arco Wada’s newly drawn will feature in the game.

Fate/Extra Record
Source: Studio BB

The Record has employed a new Command Deck system. This system enables the player to build a deck of commands and the game will then draw cards randomly at every turn. Players will win more commands from battles along with money and other special items. Additionally, the servant will now be able to fight more than one monster in a single battle.

Fate/Extra Record
Source: Studio BB

Fate/Extra Record will feature new characters as well as monsters design. Also, more monsters will be added in the remake. New voices will be also added. The protagonist will feature with a special voice.

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This remake is only for the first Fate/Extra game. Studio BB is skeptical about the Fate/Extra CCC’s remake citing the contents of the game as a reason. Additionally, the game’s official website has an English language toggle where they specified ‘current generation platforms’.

Fate/Extra Record
Source: Studio BB

Fans are eagerly waiting for the game. Stay tuned and keep reading for the latest updates!

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