Fear The Walking Dead: Madison To Come Back In Season 6?

In Fear The Walking Dead, Madison was presumed dead for quite some time, but the sixth season of the series lays the foundations for her miraculous comeback. The sixth season of the series has just taken the first step to bring Madison Clark back.

When the series began, the humble prequel revolved around the Clark family, and it did not take long before Madison, whose role is played by Kim Dickens, took centre stage as the lead protagonist of the story. 

Madison became a grizzled survivor of the zombie apocalypse and led her family or what remained of the family to a baseball stadium in the fourth season of The Walking Dead. A rival group soon arrived on the scene predictably, and the feud escalated until zombies swarmed the stadium and the residents began to flee.

Madison Clark in Fear The Walking Dead
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Clark gathered the undead into the stadium and set the place ablaze, giving her children a faint of escape. Alicia and Strand assume that Madison Clark died in this moment of sacrifice, but the story is told through the eyes of the witnesses. 

Fear The Walking Dead: Madison To Come Back In Season 6?

There is no burned corpse, no zombie Madison, and no chewed-up body staggering around the diamond. The sixth season of The Walking Dead has enjoyed a strong half full of mystery and intrigue, and one of the biggest ongoing questions concerns the enigmatic saviour of Morgan. 

After being shot and left for dying by Ginny in the finale of the fifth season of the walking dead series, Morgan was so close to death even the zombies would not touch him.

Luckily, Morgan does not know the identity of this hero, but the elusive figure did leave a note behind that reminded Morgan that he still has work to do. Even before the sixth season of the series began, Madison was mooted as a character who could potentially return to save ailing Morgan Jones.

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However, the latest episode offers the biggest hint yet that Clark is destined to make a comeback after the apocalypse. Charlie and Alicia are plotting an escape in Damage From The Inside from Ginny and her oppressive regime of Pioneers.

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When it was asked by Charlie that where will they go, Alicia suggests a return to the stadium from the fourth season of The Walking Dead.

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