How High Does The Eerie Quotient Go In ‘Fear The Walking Dead Season 6’? Know All The Details!!

Actor Lennie James of The Walking Dead spills the beans on when Season 6 shooting might start during pandemic situations.

AMC Network’s popular zombie series Fear The Walking Dead started in 2015, and it has been a big hit since then. Fans are excited about the upcoming installment, and finally, some news is out. Filming was interrupted by the pandemic in March, but hopefully, we see an adaption to this situation, and eventually, the shooting may resume.

Poster of Fear the Walking Dead (Source: AMC)

James, in a recent interview, revealed some details, “We have no official restart time. But everything is still moving as if we will be back. AMC, the network in charge of the show, is in consultation with experts to find the safest and best way, and the most practical way, not just restarting, but restarting safely, and finding a way to remain safe. Our show’s specifics mean that we have a slightly different dynamic about how we could incorporate, you know, social distancing. It’s not possible, certainly as far as in front of the camera is concerned.”

Still from the show (Source: Hollywood Reporter)

What does Season 6 exactly bring to the table?

This season of Fear The Walking Dead explores the unlucky family’s journey that once united to help the needful. Virginia (played by Colby Minifie) and her Pioneers ripped the group apart, and that too beyond repair! Moran (played by Lennie James) said in the climax of the previous season how they have to survive and decide their destiny. This season we will see how each of them carves their future, endures the misery. Some settle with Virginia’s community while others dive into the grim, and the rest deal with what comes across the way. 

Lennie James as Morgan Jones (Source: AMC)

Episode one, titled “The End is the Beginning,” details are out. The episode depicts how lethally injured Morgan faces a dilemma between helping a vulnerable stranger and a suspicious hunter to proclaim what Ginny left. 

 New Characters?

There will be new characters this season: Demetrius Grosse as Josiah LaRoux, Christine Evangelista as Sherry, Zoe Colletti as Dakota. It will be exhilarating to find out how these characters shape the storyline. Let’s see how they all come together to create wonders on our screens this season.

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you in touch with all the latest updates about your favourite movies and series!


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