Fire Force Season 2 Episode 8: Can Shinra Save the Forest?

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 8 is just around the corner. Fans are loving the series very much. The anime has become very popular in a very short time. They managed to gather a huge fan base. Season 2 is much better than season 1 with more character development. Here’s everything you need to know about the next episode.

Watch the next episode’s preview below!

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 8: Release Date

The anime’s next episode is all set to land on Saturday, 22 August 2020, at 1:55 AM JST. Funimation airs the anime’s English dubbed version for the fans worldwide. The first season is also available on Funimation. Crunchyroll features both the seasons with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Recap and Episode 8 preview

Takeru and Maya talk about their personal lives and how his father is doing. Maya tells him that he just has to make them proud by doing his work in Tokyo. Maya shows Takeru that the farm is destroyed and someone from the village won’t do it. Pana tells others about their next destination. It is the spatial rift on the west side.

Fire Force Season 2 Episode 8
Source: Crunchyroll

One of the villagers advises them to be aware of bandits and strange gas in the air. Pan tells Takeru to lead the way for others. He says farewells to his parents and assure them that he will do great work since he is a Fire soldier. Shinra is very excited to unravel Evangelist’s secrets. On their way, the team comes across a monster earthworm and they defeated it.

Eventually, they enter a giant earthworm territory. A very intense battle follows for a long time. Ogun uses Yoruba Spear to kill everyone who comes in their way.

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Fire Force Season 2 Episode 8
Source: Crunchyroll

Scop tells Shinra that the Infernals have been on the planet since the Great Cataclysm 250 years ago. Shinra and Ogun are standing on the mountain’s top facing thousands of Infernals. On the next morning, Shinra heard an Adola link signaling him to save the forest. The next episode will reveal what will happen now.

We will bring you more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading!




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