Fire Force: Shinra’s Strongest Attack Ever!

Fire Force anime’s second season is all hits and the fans are completely loving it. They are around the Fifth Pillar Arc and the newest episode is blowing everyone’s minds. The latest episode features Shinra’s strongest attack in the anime yet.

Shinra and the other members of Special Fire Force Company 8 are trying to keep the new pillar, Inca, intact. They are saving the pillar from falling into the Evangelist’s hands. Alongside this, Shinra is also fighting against his toughest opponent so far.

Fire Force: Shinra’s Strongest Attack Ever!
Source: Netflix

Fire Force: Shinra VS Charon

We have seen in the previous episodes that Charon is absorbing Shinra’s every attack. He manages to magnify them tenfold before hitting Shinra with a powerful move of his own.

Shinra saw no way to defeat Charon. We saw at the end of the previous episode that he is trying to find a way around Charon’s defenses. Eventually, Shinra marks out that Charon is unable to produce flame on his own. This officially makes him a Second Generation.

Following this realization, Shinra is all set to strike back harder. He plans to hit Charon in just the right way, in just the right time, with an explosive enough hit. Shinra remembers his past failed training and taps into a new power.

The Strongest Attack Ever!

Fire Force: Shinra’s Strongest Attack Ever!
Source: Netflix

He decides to use the Corna hand sign, otherwise known as the “Sign of the Devil”. Shinra unleashes full potential and unleashes the full power of his own kind of hellfire as he rains down on Charon. A monstrous form springs up from the fire and envelops Charon. Charon gets tossed away by Shinra’s attack.

Shinra’s attack blew Charon away, but it was not strong enough to defeat him in battle just yet. Charon comes back soon after without any sign of damage. Shinra is going to have to successfully land another one of these hits on Charon. If that also does not work, then he will have to figure out a new attack to defeat Charon.

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More details will be revealed very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading!



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