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The Flash: All The Confirmed Characters So Far! Rumors Busted!

The Flash: Every rumored and confirmed characters so far!

New Flash movie is coming out, and fans are more than excited to know which characters are confirmed to star in the new Ezra Miller movie. The Flash is said to be one of the biggest DCEU films so far. Several DC characters getting involved in the movie, makes the 2022 release even more special. The “Ezra Miller” project has been in the making since 2014. On the other hand, we see movies like Wonder Woman and Aquaman up for the sequels. Multiple directors stepping down, numerous rewrites on the script are a few reasons to name. 

The Flash (Source: The CW)

What went wrong?

WB decided to make some alterations in the film after their last movie (Justice League 2017) faced a lot of criticism and even failed at a commercial level. The director of IT, Andy Muschietti, is all set to lead the direction on The Flash. The story of the fastest man ever to exist gained some attention from The CW’s Arrowverse crossover Crises on InfiniteEarths, where Miller’s Flash came across Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen at last. Note that the upcoming movie is not a replica, but it will have its spin on the Flash’s story. Warner Bros. is going all-in for this Multiverse concept.

The Flash (Source: DigitalSpy)

The final list for Flash!

All the Flash appearances (Source: YouTube)

It has been long since the movie was announced; some things are revealed, some stones yet to be turned. Miller’s Flash will come across a lot of DC characters, some of them already announced. As of current status, the cast will begin the shooting in March 2021, unless the pandemic forces otherwise. The closer we get to the filming and other processes, the makers will reveal further details. For now, check out the confirmed set of the list below:

Confirmed List

Rumoured List


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