Flashdance Series Version Confirmed by CBS!! Know All The Inside Details.

  1. CBS ropes in for one more crackpot show!! 

CBS Network is developing a series adaption of the classic 1983 movie, Flashdance that featured Jennifer Beals’ career.  

The original movie -“Flashdance”

The story will revolve around a young Black woman with aspirations to tip-toe in ballerina attire but, in reality, works in a strip club. The character struggles with her identity and juggles the balls of her love life, financial crisis, art, friendship, and self-love. The original movie showed Jennifer as a welder at a steel factory who aimed to master the art of dancing.


Flashdance Poster (Source: Paramount)

Plotline of Flashdance

Original movie Flashdance depicted a passionate drama in 1983, with Adrian Lyne as director and, as mentioned earlier, the flawless Jennifer Beals in the lead. Micheal Nouri also joined her as a protagonist. The makers keep the ballerina concept the same as the movie. The movie had an evident impact on Hollywood in terms of movie-making. However, the film got mixed reviews at the box office. The makers made a lot of moolah as it was a massive hit at the box office and made it the third highest-grossing documentary of 1983. The worldwide collection of the film exceeded the records by $200 million.

Jennifer Beals in Flashdance (Source: TVLine)

Exceptional movie-making

It was the first time that Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer were collaborating. Some sequences’ presentation was so impeccable that it created a long-lasting impact on movies, music videos, and many more. Footloose, Purple Rain, and Top Gun were some movies influenced by Flashdance. It was one of Lyne’s first significant film releases that built his reputation for making popular TV commercials. Alex’s(Jennifer Beals) elaborate dance sequences used body doubles.

Jennifer Beals doing Ballet in the movie (Source: YouTube)

The music track consists of some great hits, including “Maniac” (performed by Michael Sembello), and the Academy-award winning “Flashdance….What a Feeling” written by Moroder himself, with lyrics by Keith Forsey and the singer Irene Cara. Flashdance is also frequently remembered for its official poster featuring Jen in a sweatshirt. 

The backdrop pillars to the series

The original associate producer to the movie, Lynda Obst, came forward to be an executive producer on the project while Angela Robinson will be joining her along. Tracy McMillan will make magic with her writing. CBS announced already that it refurbishes as Paramount+ next year. The platform will stream content from CBS network, Comedy Central, BET, Paramount, and Nickelodeon. 

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