Food Wars Season 5 | Read to know Full season release date and details

Food Wars is an anime series that has gained an enormous fanbase since it has arrived on the screens. According to the reports, the fifth season of the show is the last. Two episodes of season 5 have already been released.

But on April 17, 2020, it was announced by the makers that the last season’s remaining episodes are further delayed until further notice. Let’s have a look at what happened and when the remaining episodes of Food Wars Season 5 is going to air on-screens.

Release date of further episodes of Food Wars Season 5:

The season was premiered on April 5, 2020, but unfortunately, after some episodes, the series stopped airing further episodes.

Well, fans must be wondering the reason. Actually, the problem raised due to coronavirus pandemic. Due to COVID in all over the world, everything came to a halt, and so as the production of the episodes of Food Wars too.

According to the reports, the further episodes are expected to release in July or maybe later. Well, we will reach out to you as soon as the developments throw any date.

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What is going to happen in the fifth season??

The first two episodes are already out, and to be frank, they only gave us a bleak idea of how the show is going to end. But according to speculations and rumors, the last season will bring us the answers of all the cliffhangers. And it is expected to end with a good note.

Till now, Soma and Erina defeated Tsukasa and Rindo. And we can expect in the fifth season, the crowning of the new team.

The previous season has received a somewhat mixed reaction. But the last season is expected to win the hearts of the audience as it is the best season that is under production.

Let’s wait for further episodes to release to see Soma and his friends’ adventures. Till then, keep reading!!

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