Fractured: Will Ray Save Peri And Joanne?

Netflix’s Fractured features Sam Worthington and Lily Rabe as the protagonists in the film and Brad Anderson as director. The movie is about a man whose wife and injured daughter disappeared from a hospital. While watching the film, you probably won’t see the shocking twisted-end coming. Their mysterious disappearance delivers unsettling suspense as the truth slowly comes to light.

Here we have explained the ending if you didn’t get it. If you haven’t watched Fractured yet, do watch it first because we have MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!

Ray jumped into the pit as Peri fell into it.
Image: IMDb

Fractured Plot Summary

After having a tense thanksgiving dinner at her judgmental in-laws, Ray returns with his wife Joanne and daughter Peri. On their way back home, they take a break at a gas station as Peri needs to use the restroom. There Peri falls into a pit, followed by Ray, who’s attempting to save her.

They then rush towards a hospital they passed a while ago. After reaching the hospital, the doctor advised the couple to have a CAT scan of Peri, just in case she has a head injury. While Joanne accompanied Peri to the scanning-facility in the basement, Ray slept in the waiting area.

Ray, along with Joanne and Peri at the hospital after the fatal accident.
Image: IMDb

After a few hours, he saw that Joanne and Peri had not returned yet. Most of the doctors have changed shifts, and they say that they have no records of his wife and daughter. They also claimed that Ray came only to be treated for a head injury.

He then starts to suspect the doctors have abducted Joanne and Peri to harvest their organs. Then we see the investigation of Ray to find his family in the hospital.

Was Ray Successful in Finding Joanne and Peri?

During his search in the hospital, the management called the cops and got Ray arrested. He was then taken to the gas station, where he managed to lock everyone in the gas station after stealing the officer’s gun.

Ray managed to reach the basement through the elevator.
Image: IMDb

After reaching the hospital, Ray managed to reach the basement, where Joanna and Peri went for the scan, after fighting with the security. There he finds Peri in a surgical room, where she was about to have her organs harvested and also a drugged Joanne. He also shot a doctor while dragging them out of the operating theatre and then leaves in his car.

Was Ray Right About Everything?

As we know that till now, Ray managed to save Peri from getting her organs harvested, also saved Joanne, and then drove away with his family.

But as they drive away, the movie gives the twist of the film. We then see the actual truth of Ray. It is revealed that his family died in the pit at the gas station. Peri died from her fall in the hole, and Joanne died after Ray pushed her, and she hit her head on a metal bar.

Ray kept Joanne and Peri’s in the trunk of the car the whole time. Ray came to the hospital only for treating his head injury, and everything that happened in the hospital was the result of Ray’s imagination. He imagined everything to try to deny the reality of what happened with his family. And the two bodies he took from the hospital were of a seriously ill patient who Ray extracted from surgery.

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