Freaks- You’re One of Us: Netflix Show Ending Simplified For You

‘Freaks- You’re One of Us’ is a 2020 German film directed by Felix Binder. It is written by Marc O. Seng and stars Finnlay Berger, Thelma Buabeng, and Gisa Flake in lead roles. It is streaming on Netflix. Read on to know the movie’s plot and its ending breakdown. Spoilers Ahead!

Freaks- You’re One of Us: Plot

The movie revolves around the life of Wendy who has a monotonous life of a fast-food worker. Things get exciting when she discovers her possession of superpowers. One fine day at work, she is confronted by a mysterious man(bum) who whispers to her “You’re one of us”. She has no idea what he is talking about. He also reveals to her that her therapist Dr. Stern is giving her pills in order to suppress her superpowers. In order to know the truth, she stops taking her prescribed medication. Later on, she is able to fight three attacking men all on her own. Hence she believes in what that man had told her before.

Wendy starts living her normal life with additional newfound powers. She gradually realizes that one of her coworkers Elmar has a similar deal like her. She asks him to stop taking the pills in order to unravel the truth. Soon, it is found out that people with superior powers are kept locked in a mental health facility. It sounds more like a prison. Thus, the superheroes are now forced to confront their realities and each character makes their own decisions about how to proceed.


The Ending Explained in Freaks

Wendy loves her new lifestyle after discovering her superpowers and wishes to explore them. However, the change in behavior is strange and not well received by her family. Her sons exclaim that his mother’s transformation is a bit scary for him. Her husband also suspects her of having an extramarital affair. Later, she admits to having a thing with her coworker Elmar. However, as a couple, Wendy and her husband wish to continue living as a family.

The bum, who informed Wendy about her powers also warns Elmar to not flaunt his electric powers. As such display of his superpower may result in unknown ramifications. But, Elmar had a different motive. He visits Dr. Stern for his routine checkup and tells the doctor about the bum. This results in a raid at Neptune World and subduing him, admitting him into a special facility for superheroes.

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Elmar’s confession to Wendy

Later on, in ‘Freaks- You’re One of Us’ Elmar visits Wendy’s house on her son’s birthday. He informs her about bum’s arrest. Not only this but he also confesses about his love for her. However, as stated earlier Wendy wishes to continue her own family so she asks him to leave. Although this results in an argument between Wendy and her husband. Later on, Elmar uses his electric power to shock his own father and when Wendy arrives there, he uses it on her as well.

Wendy is found at the psychiatric facility with Dr. Stern still trying to divert her from accepting that she is a ‘freak’. The doctor asserts that she is just ill and has mental issues. However, a shocking revelation is made about Wendy’s childhood. Wendy had killed her school’s principal when he confiscated her walkman. Too serious a punishment for the principal, losing his life. But, since Wendy was a superhuman, we can connect the dots now. Meanwhile, Dr. Stern visits Wendy’s home. She asks her husband to get his son checked too. Later on, after examination of his mental health, he is put on medication too.

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Will Wendy leave her family?

In the final scenes of the movie Freaks- You’re One of Us, we see Elmar visiting Wendy at the special facility. He brings a walkman as an apology gift. He expresses her that ‘freaks’ have much more on their plate to achieve only if Wendy would let go of her family. During this meeting, a light-out occurs in the facility and Wendy escapes it along with the other trapped superhumans.

On the other hand, Dr. Stern manages to kill the mysterious bum. He has his last conversation with Wendy while dying in her arms. He expresses his desire to see Wendy reunite with the other so-called ‘freaks’.

In the final moments of the movie Freaks- You’re One of Us, we see Wendy planning to leave her family. Her husband tries to change her decision by manipulation but fails to do so. She leaves her home and her family behind in order to embark on a mission to fulfill bum’s dream. She already had the required information about other freaks who were admitted to the facility with her. In the post-credits scene, it is revealed that Wendy’s son also has superhuman powers. Like mother, like son!

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