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Fullmetal Alchemist: The Gate Mystery Solved! Shocking Secrets Revealed!

Fullmetal Alchemist has many mysterious parts in it and ‘The Gate’ is one of the most discussed. The Gate serves as a mystical and metaphorical symbol for the afterlife and the source of all truth. It also serves as a physical location where a character ends up after its death. One can also perform a forbidden kind of alchemy there, like human transmutation.

However, despite being an important part, the series never fully explained how the Gate works. Here’s everything you need to know about this mysterious phenomenon.

10) A Person Can’t Usually Come Through Someone Else’s Gate

Everyone has their own version of Gate, and once they are through it, there’s no coming back. However, we saw Edward once return by coming through Alphonse’s Gate. It was explained that this was because of their bond as brothers.

However, it also can be because the duo has a particular ‘human transmutation’ relationship. Edward pulled Al back through the Gate via human transmutation and, Al can exist in the real world.

9) Edward’s Gate’s Mural

Astrologist Robert Fludd’s mural is there designed on Ed’s Gate. Fludd sped most of his studying the work of Paracelsus. His design on Ed’s Gate is not just a mere coincidence. This might be drawing some connection between Ed’s father and Fludd. This proves that they were more like Ed ever thought.

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8) The Price Of Human Transmutation

Human beings try human transmutation only in extremely desperation moments. If they do it, the Gate takes away body parts or limbs, and it usually represents something dear to them.

7) The Tree Of Life

When we look at the Gate, the symbols drawn on it appears like a Tree. Fullmetal Alchemist makes reference to the mystical sect of Judaism called Kabbalah. In the Kabbalah tradition, the Tress of Life represents the human psyche’s connection with the Divine and the Universe.

6) The Alchemical Door

The gate could be a reference to many things and Porta Alchemica is one of the most likely choices. Porta Alchemica is a real gate that can still be seen in Rome. The legend says that an alchemist successfully created gold using an alchemical transmutation. After that, the alchemist stepped through a gate and vanished forever.

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5) The Philosopher’s Stone

If you use the Philosopher’s Stone, then you can get your bodies without sacrificing anything else. In the series, we saw that many people have died trying to create this stone.

4) Norwegian Poem

If you have noticed, then there’s sometimes an inscription on the Gate which appears to be in Norwegian. It’s a poem by famed Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, called “Babygulrot”. This poem is about baby carrots. We still don’t know what it refers to, however, it has appeared many times in the anime.

3) Reincarnation & The Afterlife

The exact way in which the Gate function is still unclear. We do know that babies have some connection with the Gate. We saw Wrath walking away from the Gate and entering the afterlife. Also, babies are in the process of reincarnating still just after they’re born. So if reincarnation exists in the anime, then this might connect in the future.

2) The Appearance Of The Gate

Everyone can see the gate and so everyone’s version is different. No two people ever see the Gate exactly the same way. This simply means that every person’s idea of “Truth” is different.

Fullmetal Alchemist
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1) Akashic Records

The Gate’s functioning also depicts that anime follows the Akashic Records concepts. Some philosophers believe that Akashic Records is a full compendium of everything that’s ever happened in human history. It exists on another non-physical plane, so no mortal can reach it. As the Gate calls itself “The Truth”, this basically serves the purpose.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for the latest updates!


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