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Gamer Girl: Why The Trailer Received Criticism And Why YouTube Removed It

Hey, guys! Wassup? Hope everyone is safe and sound. Are you a fan of gaming? Then this news for you all. As a game fanatic, you must have heard the name of Wales Interactive. It is a game development company that is in the news because of its latest development on Gamer Girl. So, hop in, and let’s go find out has happened.

Game removed from official Site (Image: Playstation)

What is Gamer Girl?

Gamer Girl is the latest FMV game officiated by Wales Interactive on Thursday. The focus point of the game is that the gamer will anchor the character played by him. Moreover, the character played by the gamer is Abicake99. Also, he will give suggestions that in such situations what he would have done. However, there another part or side to it. Beck, Abicake’s friend has vanished. And people interacting with him while the live stream menaces him. After the officiation of the game, Gamer Girl has been criticized a lot. By all those playing the game and streaming community. However, the concern is it will generalize the fantasy of power of women gamers.

Trailer got hit hard (Image: PC Game)

Gamer Girl: Action Taken

After so much criticism and hatred, Wales Interactive put down the trailer. Moreover, they removed the trailer from their official site as well as the official page. They removed all the mentions of the game from all of their platforms. However, there are third party uploads still available online. Even though it was scheduled to release on PS4 and Xbox One, PC, and Switch. However, now it seems not to happen anytime soon.

Will it launch? (Image: Game Rant)

The role played by Wales Interactive

When maltreatment in the gaming business is being revealed, with accounts of verbal and physical attacks inside distributing organizations, studios, and the gushing network, something like Gamer Girl seems to hit excessively near and dear. There is clearly a ton of work that should be done across businesses to uncover misuse and neutralize it.

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Wales Interactive expressed that the purpose of Gamer Girl is “to bring issues to light of this issue”, yet the response to the trailer recommends that an FMV game about a mind-boggling point, for example, misuse isn’t the route forward in doing this. Entertainer Alexandra Burton who plays the lead and extemporized the content presently can’t seem to remark on the circumstance

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