Gekidol Original Idol: Visuals And Premiere Date For TV Anime Revealed!

Gekidol franchise has released that the anime’s release date. The franchise’s official website made the much-awaited announcement on Thursday. Additionally, the announcement featured new visuals and cast details. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming anime!

Gekidol Original Idol: Release Date

The franchise’s upcoming anime is all set to land on the AT-X channel on January 5. Also, BS Fuji will air the anime from January 10. The franchise is well known for its various play, anime, and idol projects. They have a huge fan base around the world.

Gekidol Original Idol
Source: AT-X

Cast and Crew

The anime stars are as follows:

Hikaru Akao as Seria Morino

Chihira Mochida as Airi Kagami

Ayaka Suwa as Izumi Hninazaki

Kana Hanazawa as Kaworu Sakakibara

M.A.O as Doll

Nozomi Yamamoto as Aki Asagi

Asami Takano as Aimi Fujita

Aya Akiyoshi as Waka Yamamoto

Amina Satō as Mayuri Nakamura

Kousuke Toriumi as Hirokazu Takezaki

Sarara Yashima as Makoto Higuchi

Kaori Mizuhashi as Tomoko Hinata

Shigeru Ueda is the anime series’ director. ‘Märchen Mädchen’ is his well-known work. Kiyoshi Tateishi is the chief animation director. Additionally, he is designing the characters for animation.

Gekidol Original Idol
Source: AT-X

Everything about the Gekidol Project

The project premiered at Comic Market 89 in 2016 after its announcement in December 2015. The franchise’s website showcased the project’s teaser visual. The visual text read:

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. Theater + anime + idol = Gekidol.”


A major catastrophe once erased all the major cities around the world. The anime is set five years after this disastrous event. The story revolves around a group of girls fascinated by the “Theatrical Material System”. This system uses 3D holograms to brighten the stage during the city’s post-apocalyptic recovery.

Alice in Deadly School is another in-anime play which is most probably getting an anime project.

The cast for that anime is:

M.A.O as Yū Sumio

Chihira Mochida as Shinako Hyakumura

Hikaru Akao as Sayaka Murasaki

Ayaka Suwa as Kiriko Tōnuma

Nozomi Yamamoto as Yumiya Akashima

Asami Takano as Kazuma Aoiki

Aya Akiyoshi as An Suiaki

Amina Satō as Tomoyo Takamori

Kaori Mizuhashi as Yonari Kaihara

Saki Ogasawara as Emi Kiichi

Sarara Yashima as Kaori Ikari

Rei Suzuya as Setsubun Shigemoto

The staff for Alice in Deadly School includes:

Planning, Producers: Keiichi Satō, Osamu Nagai

Original Draft: Kaoru Asakusa (Alice in Project)

Planning Cooperation: Masahiro Suzuki (Alice in Project)

Director: Shigeyasu Yamauchi

Script: Yumi Kageyama

Original Character Designs: Asami Sekiya

Character Designs: Kiyoshi Tateishi

Music: Prhythm/epx

Animation: Hoods Entertainment

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!




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