Gemma Collins Reveals About THIRD Miscarriage In July; James Argent And Collins Were Shattered!

Gemma Collins reveals she underwent a third miscarriage a few months ago. The worst of it all, she was in no knowledge that she was pregnant.

The TOWIE reality star, 39, shared about her tragic loss following the announcement made by Meghan Markle about her miscarriage over the summer.

Gemma wrote an open and a candid letter to the Duchess of Sussex published by The Sun Online. She details how she suffered piercing cramps one morning during the lockdown in July. She looked over the distress as a heavy period, but her sister-in-law convinced her to see a doctor. That doctor asked her to visit the hospital immediately, where she received the devastating news.

Gemma Collins writes an open letter to Meghan Markle after she revealed about her loss.
Source: The Sun.

Gemma wrote: “In a single instant, I learned that I’d been carrying a baby and lost it, meaning that once again I found my longstanding dreams of motherhood shattered into pieces.” She further adds, “I found my longstanding dreams of motherhood shattered into pieces.”

Come what may, Gemma refuses to give up on becoming a loving mother, despite trying for a baby for almost ten years. She does worry her three torments may have been her only chances to bear a child. It is reported that her ex-James Argent was the father.
Nevertheless, Gemma is resolute to trust in fate. She also happens to mention that she wants to provide for a baby away from her showbiz lifestyle.

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Will Gemma Collins turn to adoption following a miscarriage?

Gemma hasn’t completely disregarded the idea of a sperm donor or adoption to ensure that she experiences motherhood.

She says “I know I can give a baby a brilliant life – a life a world away from the world of ‘GC’, the larger-than-life character that most of the public know, and when my time to be a mother comes, I will do everything I can to protect the privacy of that cherished prize I have yearned for for so long.”

She also emphasized she has ‘no reluctance’ about adoption if it means she can have the experience of being a mum.

Gemma Collins & ex-James argent lost a baby.
Source: The Sun.

Collins said it would be a “travesty” to be “robbed” of such an opportunity.

Gemma gave the examples Madonna and Angelina Jolie and says “The GC” could be next. She stills believes and holds onto the dream of conceiving naturally.

Gemma’s Struggle with PCOS:

Gemma has opened up about her struggle with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and chatted to the Loose Women panellists in August about her struggle to conceive.

She has undergone a series of checkups and lost a few pounds. The specialist doctor suggested that might have chances of conceiving with the weight loss.


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