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General Hospital | Emma Samms Rises From The Dead

Another beloved Port Charles vet has returned from the death bed. In the final moments of the General Hospital episode of Friday, Emma Samms reprised her role of Holly Sutton, who was presumed dead. Holly Sutton is the character whose resurrection was first hinted at the last week when her ex-boyfriend, Robert, received a phone call, and it is what he believes to have received from her.

He turned up in a locked cell in Monte Carlo. Emma Samms, who made her debut as Holly in the year 1982, has made an appearance on and off since, was last seen on the ABC soap in the year 2015. Apart from this, Dynasty, and its spin-off, The Colbys are also included in the TV credits.

Emma Samms in General Hospital
Image Source – ABC

After being off-air for almost the whole summer, due to the lockdown imposed to counter the COVID-19, as a result of which all the productions in the Hollywood industry were halted, the show made its return on August 3. Read the full article to make sure that you do not miss any detail.

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General Hospital: Emma Samms Returns as Presumed Dead Holly.

Meanwhile, we just could not help but feel a little corner of our heart sinking even as we celebrated the return of Holly. As thrilled as we are at her comeback, it threatens to throw a major monkey wrench into one of the most unexpected treats the show has given us in ages. It includes the budding romance of Robert and Olivia. However, each of them would be quick to say that they are nothing more than friends, but we don’t look at our friends the way these two look at each other.

Emma Samms in General Hospital
Image Source – ABC

Yes, Olivia is a married woman, but she and Ned are currently on the rocks. Also, his daughter, Brook Lynn, is working hard to keep her out of town stepmom from connecting with Ned, leaving him increasingly frustrated by the absence of his wife. By the time Olivia returns from Monte Carlo, it’s a safe bet that her spouse will have reached the boiling point. In other words, throwing Holly into the mix is a wonderfully juicy complication for all that are concerned.

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Were you as stunned by the appearance of Holly as we are? Where do you think this storyline will go next, and who you think might be ending up in grave.

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