George Lucas On Why He Sold Star Wars To Disney

Star Wars creator George Lucas recently said that he sold the franchise to Disney as he wanted to spend some time with his family and raise his daughter. 

Lucas created the Star Wars universe along with the original movie, released in the year 1977. He wrote and even directed that movie, producing and writing the stories of the sequels, and eventually writing and directing all of the much-maligned prequels in the saga.

However, rather than completing the Skywalker saga, he sold Star Wars and LucasFilm to Disney in the year 2012, with Kathleen Kennedy taking over the control of the franchise.

George Lucas sold Star Wars
Image Source – Insider

Many had speculated why George Lucas would sell the franchise when he had not completed his original vision. Some believe that it was his age as he was 68 when he sold it all, while others thought he did not have the desire to work on the franchise any longer.

Since the sale of the series, Disney has kicked the franchise into higher gear, releasing three sequels of varying quality to varying degrees of success at the box office, two spin-off films, and producing the smash hit television show The Mandalorian on Disney Plus. Now, George has revealed just why he decided to sell all his creation.

George Lucas On Why He Sold Star Wars To Disney

Author Paul Duncan recently revealed an extract from an upcoming book about the franchise where George explains his motivations.

Saying that he had already made plans for the sequel trilogy and had also spoken to actors about it, George adds that at the same time, he was about to have Everest, his daughter, with wife Mellody Hobson

It is a simple explanation and one a parent could understand. Lucas is very well known for being a family man, having adopted several children when he was younger, and he was no doubt very excited about the birth of his first biological child.

Thus, it was a no-brainer for that man, who’d be able to watch his daughter grow up comfortably without the pressure of being on the sets of his movies every day.

George Lucas sold Star Wars
Image Source – Insider

It is a pity for fans who wanted to see his vision for the sequels, but there is no guarantee that they would have been any better or even more satisfying than the versions that Disney made.

Regardless of what the fans think of the sequels and their disjointed overarching narrative, there’s no doubt they were entertaining blockbusters. 

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